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  1. Wheels up today with 2.7 !!!! LETS DO THIS !
  2. Hey everyone How can use the same paint scheme, in any server I join, and have others be able to see that paint scheme? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hey for the buttons and axis that just won't seem to map, I used "Joytokey". It allowed me to map the small joystick on the throttle, and any button on it. I have the TWCS
  4. Pictures like this are everywhere at my work I will have to have one or two. There's drones the Polaris etc ????
  5. The developers got smashed last night, must have been a huge party come on think about it.
  6. Probably looking at somewhere around 9 a.m. Eastern time. Few more hours bro !!!
  7. I can't take this anymore i'm going for crew rest. I take delivery tomorrow !!!!!!
  8. Dude I'm 40 and my kid graduates high school this week. The gaming will never stop and hopefully neither will DCS. Don't ever let society bully you into thinking you're outgrowing something.
  9. Yeah good old annual medicals...is there anything they can't find? That's what got me bumped off the flight line over a year ago. I was enjoying arming/De-arming the F-18, working on the P3. Arming a printer for the rest of my career.
  10. I'm on 1/2 days, medical for 2 weeks!!! Starts today!! Oh no, home at 11am whatever will I do !! (-:
  11. In local Moscow time, does it release 12:01AM 30 May ? Or do the updates happen later in the day. I only ask because i'm a good 10 hours behind moscow local time. Cheers !! Just a few days !!!
  12. Yeah agreed if it's ages or big issues, a format is the way to go. What's TRIM?
  13. The format itself, and installing windows doesn't take too long at all, it's the windows updates that take forever, and depending on your internet connection it could be a wait. Again though, a little bit of pain and suffering leaves you with a much faster PC.
  14. We need a more accurate description of exactly what happened to better help you my friend. Cheers
  15. I'm wondering how everyone's PC's are holding up now that the Persian Gulf Map and the F18 are rolling out? One thing I just wanted to share with people, although this does take time and effort but completely erasing your hard drive, doing a fresh install of windows 10 pro (which is free), then installing all the windows updates, vid card driver, sound driver, DCS.... Not only do you wipe all viruses and garbage but your PC is up and running with a fresh copy of windows 10, no bloatware from old versions of windows, etc but your games run noticeably faster, including DCS. I rea
  16. I just bought it. What time is she supposed to release?
  17. Yeah it sucks, I'm Lit AF and on my first day of vacation, just got the Jizelle on sale.
  18. Yeah it's check off.. I tried swapping axis....still doing it.
  19. Hey everyone... Years ago I had this problem with the Black shark, and now it has re-surfaced with the UH-1. After taking off and going forward, I try to trim the airframe and the controls jerk violently to the right. This is a constant thing. I'm using the Microsoft FFB2, a great stick IMHO and I was wondering if anyone has a fix for this? Is it a setting i'm missing? Cheers
  20. It's not your ISP bro... it's intense traffic for these files :-) My ISP is blazing, but i'm stuck in the slow lane with you guys. I guess I will call in sick for tomorrow evenings shift instead.
  21. Fastest way to D/L NTTR update? Hey guys.. Stuck at 20KB/Sec, at first it tried to torrent and then it went slow beans on me. Any ideas? I'm usually 9mb/sec. Skinnadoor
  22. Hello Perhaps someone has this same situation. About 6 years ago I had my first ED/DCS account where as I bought the A10C, about 2 years later I have a different account with almost 8 modules purchased (this is the one I want to keep) I just checked my old account and as promised, I have a NTTR key there waiting for me. My question is, how can I move my A10C module and NTTR over to my active account, should I copy and paste my licence into the license checker of my active account? Cheers Today is a great day my friends !!!!
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