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  1. Are you setting your HOTAS Pinkie Switch to the AFT Position (LCtl + P) before trying to engage the Anti-collision Switch ?? This solved this problem for me.
  2. Additional Testing I flew the exact same mission using the exact same HOTAS set-up in both the Stable version and the Open Beta version of DCS World 2.5. I saw the spontaneous nozzle angle fluctuation problem in the OB version, but not while flying in the Stable version, I alternated back and forth between the two DCS versions, and, replicated what I was seeing three separate times in each environment. Each time I flew in the OB version, my nozzle angle spontaneously changed several times as I approached the Carrier. I believe this may be a bug related to the AN-8B in the Open Beta
  3. I have now also done a cleanup, followed by a repair; but, the problem persists. My STOL stop is fully aft, so I do not believe that is part of the problem. I tried shifting my X--52 Stick and Throttle to other USB ports .... but that seems to have had no effect ... and I did not see any problem with any other buttons, switches, or functions ... except for this weird thing going on with my nozzles. I have also found that I am seeing this spontaneous shift in nozzle position at the other end of thing .... I can be zooming along at 0 degrees, and all of a sudden the nozzles inexplicably s
  4. Binding should be fine ... I looked at them and they appear as they were a few weeks ago ... when everything was running well. I did not do a repair ... but, did reinstall the Harrier Module.
  5. Within the last week or so, about the same time as DCS Open Beta was introduced, I've started to see something really weird happening regarding my nozzle settings. I will be all set up for a VSTOL landing, lined up with the centerline, approaching nice and slow (maybe 45 knots, or so) at about 150 feet altitude, about a mile out from the deck with my nozzles set at about 78 degrees, or so .... when all of a sudden sometimes my nozzle angle will spontaneously jump to 49 degrees. This usually messes up my landing entirely ... or at least makes my landing rather rushed and ugly.
  6. I have found that many of the online tutorials for the Harrier to be very helpful because they cover much of the same information presented in Baltic Dragon's Training Missions. You might want to check some of the ones in ED Forums » DCS World Tutorial & Training Range » Guides & Tutorials » 3rd Party Module Tutorials » RAZBAM AV-8B N/A Tutorials. IMHO, the missions flown by Grime Reapers are lighthearted and somewhat entertaining ...
  7. Determining Desired Altitude You may be interested in this thread as well... https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=253401
  8. Thank You Thanks to all who replied ... for taking the time to assist, and, all the great information.
  9. When I fly a predetermined desired route, I have no difficulty in finding and hitting my desired steer points .... except that I am never quite :pilotfly:sure what altitude I'm supposed to be flying at. Other than calling up the Steer Point information on the UFC, is there no other method, like a carret on the altitude tape or something equally simple, to show my desired altitude on the HUD?
  10. Thanks for clearing that up for me ... works great.
  11. Wags, In your academic training video on using the targeting pod, I believe that in addition to the narrow and wide FOVs, you made mention of also being able to change the zoom level of the pod. I can not figure out how to do that. If it is indeed possible, could you tell me what keys, knobs, binds, can be used to accomplish changing the zoom level? Thank You ... any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Thank You I guess I do not understand exactly how frequencies work in DCS ... or why this mission works for other aircraft, but not the Viper. But, your answer was spot on. I changed the JTAC frequency in the mission to 233MHz, and now the mission works just fine. Thanks for your help ... very much appreciated.
  13. I am having a problem communicating with JTAC when flying the F-16C Viper. I do not experience this problem with any other aircraft I've flown. In the test mission attached below, I can use the Easy Comm mode to contact ATC, Flight, Wingmen, and the Tanker with no problem. But, I can NOT get Easy Comms to work with JTAC. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong? test.miz
  14. Thanks Lex ... that was exactly the type of insight I was looking for ... greatly appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge and experience.
  15. Why ? Lex ... when you say they suck ... I believe you; but, could you give us some more detail, some insight as to what you do not like about their design or function? Thanks
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