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  1. Don't you people find all those roundels to be absolutely disgusting?

    Like target marks to shoot at!


    Harle, in the newest version of our paint scheme they are all-black:




    Take a look at what OverStratos said:

    Going by the old book of the school of guns and bullets, yes, those roundels are big bullseyes to shoot at. A great aiming aid. But things have changed.:)


    However, in peace, paint work in aircraft tend to be a little more shiny. I still can show you plenty of pictures of obscured roundels.

  2. We are already working on converting her. :)


    Template coming soon, finally. :)




    Maybe there is a suprize forming for the next update? :)


    Maybe there is :pilotfly:

  3. Glad you like them!


    There are a couple more coming. Croatian grey, off the top of my head is one. :)

    Most liveries are made by our livery artist -- Matthew Wynn and refined by -Rudel- or myself.


    Hey Nick! Croatian 1992 really surprised me! :)


    When can we expect the template so I can convert the grey beauty? :D

  4. If I go by just this official post and not other things I've heard around the forums, the terms AFM and PFM refer specifically to proprietary flight model code used by ED. The product terms were not intended to be a level of certification for anyone, but more of a marketing tool for ED products. http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=122801


    When it says that the EFM uses part of the PFM, it literally means that all EFMs use the same code for collision handling as PFMs. That is still not a certification of quality because it says nothing about the quality of the 3D collision model which is up to the third party dev to create.


    An EFM can be as simple as an SFM, or as advanced as a PFM. If I wanted to, I could create an EFM that reads a SFM configuration file to use as the only parameters for the flight model. Similarly, I could hook my EFM up with the most advanced CFD techniques, but then I would have more than a hard time getting it to run in real-time. An EFM is a blank slate that allows the third party to do practically anything they can imagine, but it will never be a "PFM" regardless of how good it is because it does not use the propriety code that ED uses. In the end, how good it is matters more than what you call it.


    Agreed with everything.


    For the rest of you guys, thank you very much for answering, but your information is not accurate. We are all assuming something, and none of us knows the right answer. I was trying to get a precise answer from developers or from someone who has read official post from developers about it, if such thing even exists.


    Regarding the complexity of the story about FMs, I would not like this thread to go off-topic and discuss something that has been discussed over and over again.

    Again, let me say thanks for your answers one more time!


    I still don't know 100% sure will Mirage 2000 have EFM from vimeo and youtube videos upon release or not, so please, only answer if you have a reliable source of knowlege. Thanks for understanding. :thumbup:

  5. Please forgive me for posting this as a new topic, but I'm simply having a hard time searching the forums for a concrete answer to my question for developers:


    Will there be EFM included in the M2000 module upon the Open Beta release or not?

    I saw videos with EFM implemented but I can't find the answer in the forums will it be included or not...


    Please find few seconds to answer my question. I like Mirage very much and will probably pre-order it. If there is already a precise answer to this question somewhere on the forums, please direct me to it.


    Thank you! :thumbup:

  6. Application for registration


    Nickname: *NOB*Wepar

    Your profile at ED forum: http://forums.eagle.ru/member.php?u=96875

    Chosen plane type: MiG-15bis

    Country of residence: Croatia

    Time: GMT+1

    Language of communication: English

    Confirmation of familiarization with regulations of the tournament and the obligation to comply with them: Familiarized with regulations of this tournament, oblige myself to comply with them.

  7. Few videos made during campaign





    I Especially like that one ;)


    Unfortunately my track for Mission 6 is broken before the key points, so I can't show you how it looked first-person. Earlier that night, I shot down another F-15 with my hawg.


    I've made this video from TacView, situation on the day of that same event.




    Commander Aries and me had a close encounter with ANON6_Furious' F-15, this time it was Furious who scored kill before I put his F-15 out of service ;) Look how two rockets hit each other in mid-air front-aspect!!! :D Incredible. Furious' maneuver after that is worth respect, even manpads that I placed with my Huey earlier couldn't hit him in that loop! :thumbup:

  8. It was a great time, had a blast..... can't wait for the real deal. It keeps getting better.


    Stiff, you could get lost in your bathroom LOL!


    P.S. For all the pilots who participated if you have any feedback (good/bad) it would be great to address them to the people setting up the campaign or please feel free to use the ANON6 forums.




    This is a copy-paste from Anon6, About OSR page:




    In order to provide more intensive air to air fights it is decided to use only the following air to air missiles during the campaign. Available Air to Air Missiles : R-60M / R-73 / AIM-9M / AIM-9P / AIM-7 / R-27R"


    As we have demonstrated in the sunday test mission, R-60M can't hit accurately, doesn't have even AIM-9M range and that is a pity, because MiG is useless that way, I mean, F-15Cs just swipe us away from the sky. If F-15Cs get to carry sparrows, then MiG-21s just got to have R-3R (weaker and less maneuverable than AIM-7s), R-3S and R-13 (both - about the same characteristics as AIM-9 I think) rockets to even try to battle any other fighter out there...


    And MiG-21Bis is just too damn good of a module to be degraded like this...! :joystick:


    Can something be done about this?



  9. Here there is a small tip for the underside of the wings ;)


    We've already done that exactly like it's on the picture, but thanks a lot anyway. :thumbup:


    We must consult among ourselves before the public release, because of some details that yet have to be done on the aricraft skin, including number markings texture, programming of their position and size and reflection of the aircraft (new CAF paintjob is "matte").

    Our teammate *NOB*Shark is working on numbers, I have done the last textures for the skin from scratch (actually from russian "naked" skin), using a little help and the modded description.lua file from teammate wormeaten.


    Developers have promised us something like "livery paint kit" included in the next DCS World update, so for the final quality product that we intend to share public, we must wait for those and build a final (at least a beta version) downloadable skin.


    You will be notified when we do, we ask for just a little more patience. :pilotfly:

  10. That was our mission. To do the exact replica of CAF paint job. Remember, this is still WIP, but it's close to final product. We're still trying to build custom textures for the aircraft numbers, but we've had some difficulties along the way. I'm sure our mate Shark can resolve them.


    Until then, here's one more screenshot:


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