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  1. I believe the keyboard short is 'C'. It resets all the sensors to the default position.
  2. Awesome work GA! Looks like a serious amount of work went into that one...Very much appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Video demo of The Battle Simulator (TBS) and footage from the recent ITEC show on wagmatt's youtube channel. Has quite a bit of cockpit footage from the hog.
  4. I would recommend Fraps. It's a screen capturing program and I believe there is a free trial which allows you to record 30 seconds per clip. So, just record a few and edit them together. Done deal :)
  5. When in the server browser have you switch it from 'LAN' to 'INTERNET'. Obvious I know but it's got me for a couple of minutes :) Also, in Black Shark 1.0 I had to press 'New Search' then 'Refresh' to be able to see the servers. HTH.
  6. The producer notes by Wags really helped me. http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=32511&highlight=producers+notes
  7. I render as .wmv through Vegas using pretty much the default settings. A 4 minute edited video would come out at around 50mb. I then upload straight to youtube and get full 720p options once the video has been processed. It's also a great size and quality to host elsewhere if people want it on their hard drive. Windows Movie Maker allows you to save as .wmv so if you have raw HD fraps footage you want to upload to Youtube, put it through Windows Movie Maker and save as .wmv. Depending on the length of your raw footage you'll get a fantastic quality to size ratio.
  8. I start with the music when I make my vids. I listen to the music with my eyes closed and visualise my story/shots. Some music can be inappropriate though. The only time I stop watching a movie because of music is when the Top Gun Theme starts.... :thumbup:
  9. The pig is due for retirement at the end of 2010. I managed to make it the Avalon air show in Melbourne this year where I will have seen my last dump and burn :( T'was a sad day indeed.
  10. Great review from a great author. Can't recommend his book enough. A brilliant read.
  11. Download is up for anyone who wants it. http://www.virtual-jabog32.de/index.php?section=downloads&subcat=65&file=1012&lang=en :)
  12. Beat me to it :) I still had some sound effects to add but ran out of time as the deadline for my squads Machinima comp had already passed. Glad you like it though. I must say its much harder making videos about helo's then fast movers. Here are some shots that I took with the original cut. :)
  13. I haven't used vista before so I'm thinking it will be a huge step for me. I'm very overdue for a clean install though so ill be giving it a go.
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