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  1. The Harrier is not just an air to ground jet though. Since the early 2000s it has used the same radar as the Hornet, and, as of 2011, it deploys on LHAs with AMRAAMs. The Harrier's acceleration to 350-400 knots is comparable with the fastest jets in DCS. With a large bombload and tanks it might be faster than a similarly loaded Viper. In BVR, which seems almost insignificant in the Harrier's role, a flight of Pluses should be able to go toe to toe with almost anything out there. WVR, a flight of Harriers stands a really good chance against the aircraft set we currently have in DCS.
  2. This is silly. There is no such thing as two equal pilots. Each person is unique. The Night Attack Harrier has no BVR, but it no slouch in a2a. This reminds me of how people thought the Zero was a superior fighter before Marines developed and used teamwork to win. In a dogfight, a good Harrier pilot will own your ass. Once the Plus comes out, you will be Amraamed.
  3. What's the status of Attack/Engage My Targets for ground targets?
  4. I would tend to agree... kind of have to ask why we did the -H in the first place, when the -N or even the -Y is infinitely more applicable to DCS right now.
  5. Sounds like he's asking for a mod. Lots of reasons not to fly the Su-25T... literally lots The Su-25 could use a simple update, such as hud - thru mod of course
  6. I would tend to agree on ground attack Floggers being a better subject. MiG-23BN, or late MiG-27K would be a remarkable addition to the DCS world.
  7. I am also wondering this. I think this would be appropriate for the last decade.
  8. It wasn't just Vietnam, but literally everywhere MiG-21s tried to kill F-4s. Both sides exaggerated their kill counts. If you strip away all the exaggeration, the F-4 greatly outperformed the MiGs over Iraq, Lebanon, and Vietnam. There has never been a theater where the MiG-21 outperformed the F-4.
  9. I don't know why we are having this discussion -- the F-4 shot more MiG-21s down than all the kills MiG-21s ever had
  10. -122 used up to 3 gun pods in its year long deployment to Vietnam from 1967-1968
  11. Oh, she can move. The F-4 is quite nimble if the pilot does her part. If she keeps the speed high and works within AOA limits, the F-4 is quite a dogfighter. Her 2 J-79s make her that way. She's fast at all altitudes as well.
  12. It would make sense to do the F-4S first, as it is relevant to our plane set. If they want to do the F-4E later, then fine whatever, but they should work on making a carrier capable version before trying to work in all the crazy updates the air force and the other NATO countries jammed into the -E to make it survivable. In no scenario does it make sense to have a pre-1980s version of any F-4.
  13. I am trying to get aircraft to orbit at Waypoint 1 until the player enters a trigger zone. At this point, I want the aircraft to carry out their tasks. How do I get them to orbit until I enter the trigger area?
  14. EDIT: Found it. Just make it immortal for waypoint 1, and then remove the option for subsequent waypoints. Once it's triggered into activiation, it lays immortal until it's cleared the danger zone, after which point it becomes mortal. Hello, I have some ground units set to spawn near a bombing point. The idea is for these particular units to survive the initial bomb run by AI, and allow the player to pick them off as they move to a rally point. How do I set these units to be immortal until a trigger, and then to be mortal?
  15. Did we ever get updated info on efficacy of the ECM pod?
  16. On your stores page, are you selecting 82H or 82L? Try 82H and see if that works.
  17. Yesterday I did a cold start with 2 65F IRMVs and no TPOD. DMT was on. AG mode. Master Arm on. Sound the target thru laser des on the DMT. Hit up on the switch to get the Mavs up. I could not uncage and I could not fire. Are there speshul considerations with cold start to use IRMVs?
  18. Nice job. Where did you get the parachute housing?
  19. OK, to fix it I had to reinstall the mist and ctld files. Somehow, they got corrupted between the first mission I designed with them, and the second.
  20. Would you mind helping me with this? 2020-12-21 07:47:32.793 ERROR SCRIPTING: Mission script error: [string "ctld.JTACAutoLase('JTAC3', 1688, true,"all",3)"]:1: attempt to index global 'ctld' (a nil value) stack traceback: [C]: ? [string "ctld.JTACAutoLase('JTAC3', 1688, true,"all",3)"]:1: in main chunk 2020-12-21 07:47:36.635 ERROR SCRIPTING: Mission script error: [string "ctld.JTACAutoLase('JTAC4', 1688, true,"all",3)"]:1: attempt to index global 'ctld' (a nil value) stack traceback: [C]: ? [string "ctld.JTACAutoLase('JTAC4', 1688, true,"all",3)"]:1: in main chunk
  21. Bah should have been a Whiskey Cobra
  22. Do we know when they used F Mavs? I know we limit AP rounds because of their CURRENT lack of usage, but are F Mavs currently in use? I remember Mavs were rare enough, much less IR variants. I seem to remember seeing the TGM-65E trainers around all the time, but never an F version.
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