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  1. Well, in PassMark benchmarks HD 7750 has a score of 1647. A10-7850k has a score of 1008. But both are at the low end side. If you lower some settings that have big impact on graphics calculations, my guess is that you will have similar experience with the HD 7750.
  2. Maybe in this thread you can find something close to what you are looking for: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=114260. Number 4 on the list (the one referring to the "free camera") might just work for your needs.
  3. Unless it's WIP photos in the announcement thread (or taken in the old engine), this is what the afterburner will probably look like:
  4. I think the most important information in the announcement of NEVADA Test and Training Range Map is that, now, we have official requirements for the hardware. Now we know what to expect from future maps and make better choices in our system upgrades.
  5. Unfortunately no, because I haven't done it my self and I don't know how to do it. But I would advice against disabling such protective measures from the system. Because, if disabled, any malicious software can install things that shouldn't be installed. The last working drivers for me had version number and the SST software version in Windows 8.1. For Windows 10 I don't know since I haven't upgraded. If you installed newer versions that are not working then you may have to manually uninstall them in order for windows to use the older ones.
  6. I know that the title of the thread is about windows 10, but the problem exists even on windows 8.1. The last two driver versions Saitek/Mad Catz really messed things up. From a reddit tread someone managed to get the new drivers installed by disabling windows integrity check. It seems that there might be something wrong with the drivers digital signature. Don't they do quality checks before releasing their software? I cannot imaging that they tested the new drivers and didn't noticed that the OS was rejecting the new version. Twice now! Anyway. In the Device Manager under "Programming Support" there is an entry called "Programmable Root Enumerator". That is the one responsible for translating button presses to keyboard entries. After installing the latest drivers and software, which they where not working, I tried to manualy choose what driver windows should use for "Programmable Root Enumerator". In there I show too possible drivers found by the OS to be for this hardware. The one not working had a version/date: v7.0.39.0[4/17/2015]. So I choose the other one which had a version/date: v7.0.27.13[4/16/2013]. So, they've updated their drivers only for us to use the one back from 2013!!! I hope they fix it soon.
  7. I hope it did not come too late. This is what the official position of ED on this matter is. Coming from Matt http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=145683: Every system is different, so, in some systems a new activation will not be necessary, but in others might. Before anyone proceeds to upgrading to Windows 10 it's best to have all the facts from official sources.
  8. I have noticed, long time ago, that most of the times, at mission start, the mouse cannot interact with the door handles. But if I close the doors with keyboard shortcut once, then the mouse can interact with the doors.
  9. Check if there is a typo in the file name. Also check if the file was downloaded correctly. Can you give a screenshot of the files you have of DCS world (along with their size)? Current stable DCS world have ...423-* designation in their filenames. Are you trying to install DCS World Beta?
  10. I was using the first downloader to download the same files many times and all where corrupted (as it finally turned out) even thought the program claimed that it had completed the download successfully. The first time I used another program to download the same files all went well. So the dowloaders can sometime make mistakes. What confusion am I spreading? If what I said helps the OP, isn't that what is the point of this thread? And if it's not a bug from the downloader he uses then at least he will have excluded one possible thing that may or may not be of fault. I haven't even said what program I used. I don't advertise a curtain application. I simply shared a previous experience I had and how I solved the problem. If that helps the OP I am asking again: What is the problem?
  11. When I used one downloader it said that it finish the job and had download the files 100% and I was having troubles. When I used another program to download the exact same files from the exact same links the installation was completed. I didn't check the MD5 but it was definitely something wrong with that program. If the downloader downloads the files in small chunks and don't but them back together as it should, even if it reports that all went fine, it messed up. So what's the harm for the OP to try and see for him self if this helps him or not?
  12. I would also re-download all the files from scratch using other program to download them. Sometimes I had the downloader program say that it completed the download successfully, but in reality the files where corrupted. Check also the MD5 numbers. And last, check if an antivirus program blocks the installation.
  13. For those of us that only have the TF-51D where can we find the updated manual? The latest update did not update the manual in the TF-51D folder and in the download section of the official DCS website the manual is still the old one. It would be nice if we could get it from there and not wait for the next update.
  14. 8.62MB less for the next update then :). Thanks for checking it.
  15. Why are there two manuals for DCS-Su27 in the FC3 doc folder? They look the same only with different name. Is there an actual difference?
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