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  1. check whether you were in AG master mode or NAV master mode?
  2. 已知问题,等ed修复
  3. your tool looks awesome probably i can prepare some external command such that you can use your tool to issue command
  4. cannot reproduce, did you manually change it before receiving the notification "rearm complete..." from ground crew?
  5. it's known, we need to model new mer6 to fit 250-3
  6. 试试这个 https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/143379-main-menu-hangar/?tab=comments#comment-2901116
  7. it's on hold and currently we don't have enough info (several mfd page details missing) to continue.
  8. it's a known bug introduced in 2.7.6 update and reported. all SFM (non scheme) AShM from 3rd party cannot be launched by AI it worked in previous OB
  9. better to record a video check whether current spi is wpt not other point
  10. JF-17: Fixed: AG radar EXP/DBS1/DBS2 modes Fixed: AG radar TDC axis movement Fixed: AA radar detection with terrain mask when low vs low Fixed: device params are locked, and can no longer be modified by players Adjusted: Take-off and landing roll pitching behavior Added: customized radio channel frequency (allows you to edit preset channel freq without breaking IC)
  11. ld-10 should have loft, but current scheme doesn't support it. we haven't decided which scheme to use. To be determined.
  12. that's the info I need. error 9 is launch fail code, it's for non SEAD a/g weapons this fail means either 1. your pitch not in [-60, 40] degrees, 2. bank not in +/- 20 degress 3. g load < 0.0
  13. it's fixed now. all params locked for release ver.
  14. sorry, it cannot be done. Since they are completely differently mechanism and logic
  15. uboats

    DTT mode

    you need to manually switch hpt and spt
  16. we haven't received any report regarding the "cheat"
  17. done, but missed the following update deadline
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