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  1. i will ask others to check @Lunatica i don't have VR
  2. not quite sure, but if considering the weight, should be similar to general bomb
  3. from what we know and what we have, that's what we can see in game.
  4. if anyone can provide photo or doc to show it, then we will do it
  5. sorry I didn't notice mk20/snakeeye for inner pylon. All was brm1 for inner pylon.
  6. @SuumCuique we already mentioned several times, we never see any mk20/snakeeyes loaded at inner pylon (from either photo or doc) if you think yes, could you please provide any photo or doc to show it?
  7. just checked i used CH throttle mini stick to checked both T6 antenna axis and axis (slide). both moves smoothly. @Kristoffer79could you record a video showing how you bind your axis, and how it performs in game?
  8. slide is for absolute axis position, not for moving speed. could you check again?
  9. planning CM-400AKG and LS-6 100/250, but not guaranteed
  10. can detect up to 40 tws max 10 in tws, up to 10 have track info, others just like normal rws contact
  11. you can do it in single player, then can finish it in a short time thus smaller trk file
  12. will check, the current sound effect is quite noisy.
  13. uboats


    there are so many new content to be added and localized we need more time the manual author now is learning new features from online videos
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