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  1. thanks, didn't know it's there as root cause
  2. Could you provide trk? yup we will make bort number dynamic
  3. it's probably best until ED finalizes hornet ag radar features. like we didn't change anything, there's blank angle re-appears for jf-17. we don't know why, and once ED finalizes the ag radar, then we would not worry about any unpredicted changes. similar things happened to 802ak behaviors.
  4. i'm working on that one (will work for wmd7 as well) so far not find a good solution yet
  5. looks very good and thanks for sharing
  6. some params in autopilot not properly set, will update
  7. will be fixed in next update
  8. you can now comment out device in device_init.lua one by one to check which is the root cause first turn off all 3 mfcd then hud then devices in lua after comment out lines of device_init.lua, you only need to switch to another jf-17 to take the effect.
  9. There will be something coming for Marianas soon, but not su30
  10. That should be bearing to current selected wpt/faf/rwy
  11. uboats


    Hi, As far as i know, there's no localized su-33 cockpit texture mod.
  12. JF-17: Fixed: broken FCS Autopilot ATT Fixed: WMD7 level reset when switching between CCD/IR, and WH, BH
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