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  1. I think if you read your own response you’ll find the answer. Yes
  2. It means that all your sensors will look at SPI( Sensors point of Interest)
  3. As others have stated you need rudder pedals. No real way to fly a helicopter without them. KA-50 doesn't have a tail rotor and has flight stability controls that make it easier to fly.
  4. The big problem I have right now, and it might just not knowing how to do it, is once I’m done reading a post and I use the back arrow on the iPhone I have to start my search all over again. Is there a way to set Latest Post as default and have it to where I don’t have to go searching for where I left off. I have to go back through all the posts again.
  5. Sorry Big gonna have to disagree about more mobile friendly. Whenever I go back I have to keep selecting latest post to see anything. Really not friendly to look at new topics quickly.
  6. Pretty sure it’s not going to work on the JF, because every time you reload you have to have the ground crew update the data cartridge.
  7. Thanks for the bug report, but maybe slow down a little and don’t pull so hard? Fly the plane properly? Not trying to be an ass.
  8. Those are Dyson Turbofans.
  9. A Nosewheel Steering light will show up below the UFC. You have to use rudder pedals or the keyboard shortcuts to steer on the ground. And what do you mean “Higher powerful planes” the A-10 is a beast!!! Nothing better. Don’t let them Navy boys fool ya.
  10. You people need to calm down. Sven from Polychop has posted on Facebook that he has spoken to ED and they are working on a fix. So put the pitchforks away.
  11. Wow, who’s the idiot who approved those towers being built in the flight path, or the airport being built there. Depends on what’s was built first.
  12. You can modify your lua files and get it to export lots of stuff. I even disabled the in game MFD's to help with frame rates. edit: Not sure why it turned my pic sideways but anyways.
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