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  1. Copy copy, perhaps I'll experiment with another graphics card in case this current on is not able to handle certain textures. I also cannot see the AV-8B's hud on a low texture setting and it could be a local machine issue. Once again thanks for your help Flappie.
  2. I have followed the instructions provided and have ran several test with various settings. When I renamed the DCS backup, DCS created a new DCS folder in saved games and reset the configurations that was previously set as expected. I went with the presets (running a mission on the lowest graphic settings and resolution) and didn't notice it appearing but maybe once however running it with the textures on medium or high settings the problem occurs about 5-10 minutes of running a missions. I would also like to point out that I have noticed this on other modules as well such as the A-10C and the
  3. Sometime it'll take awhile after I had been flying sometimes I'll notice it right when I start the aircraft and performing an aligning, it simply pops up in some cases. Shows up on all MDI/AMPCDs when using the HSI, the TGP and just the normal TAC and SUPT screens. You can barely see it there but you can notice that the bottom half is shaded. The shad also seems to intensify. I have no idea what is causing this. dcs.log
  4. Yep I found a mess load of Track files in the Saved Games folder. I deleted them and we are now good. Thanks Flappie for your help.
  5. Hello, I have been experiencing this issue with primarily the F/A-18C MDIs. I have screen shot to show compare and contrast views of this. This is when it's ok. This is when it's not. ​ There appears to be a shaded area on the bottom half of the MDI. This appears in even when using the TGP. The shaded area distorts the view of the TGP making it hard to distinguish targets. I have searched previously for anyone that may have experienced this issue but I haven't found any other related post regarding this. OS:Windows 10 MB:Gigabye GA-970A-UD3 Processor: AMD FX-83
  6. I have successfully uploaded the Open beta version of my dcs log file. dcs.log.log
  7. I was just in a server after being timed out and now I cannot rejoin the server that I was in or any servers.(Stable) Even servers that have an open beta version I cannot join. Issued noticed around 15:30 -5.00(GMT) EST
  8. Hello, I've noticed on the F/A-18C Module that the "Show Controls Indicator" is not showing trim inputs when applying trim. I don't even see the inputs being registered in the FCS. Stabs still show 12 yet I look on the exterior of the aircraft and see that the stabilizers are pitching as a apply trim. I believe this is a bug as I am not able to reset trim or site how much trim is applied. I simply ask could this be adjusted to show your trim inputs?
  9. To add to the discussion regarding the Su-33's brakes. Does the left and right wheel brakes allow for a tighter turning for example on the carrier deck this is the method that is to be applied for a tighter turning or taxiing upon the deck?
  10. The advice suggested above by Chic is accurate. I have had trouble with the default snap toggle view for some time in the Mi-8 and the A-10C. In the Mi-8 the default snap toggle view (Numpad5) snapped the view in the 3rd cockpit seat or the center seat in the Mi-8 would snap to looking down at the seat. Very annoying and for the record I also do not currently have TrackIR so that is not an avenue of issue. I followed the recommendation above by pressing RALT+Num0 when I adjusted the view to look straight out of the cockpit. It took a few attempts I even pressed the combination of LWIN+Num0 the
  11. I have noticed in the past that Open Conflict has experienced several different weather events, such as the snowbound landscape. There were other times that snow would fall at one airport and would be sunny on the other side of the map. The dynamic weather is pretty good in there. Same as now I believe Skynet has the season approaching the summer if I not mistaking. There were airports that would experience a squall while others may just have a partly cloudy sky. So the weather does indeed vary from time to time. Perhaps the updates and experimenting with the server has had it in a fair weathe
  12. Twilight Time! Awesome, we'll fly into the sunset . . .
  13. We would need to perform a CAP around our airspace. During your combat air patrol you may encounter some aircraft conducting reconnaissance in our airspace. Use your IFF to determine if they are friendly or not.
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