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  1. Endlich sagt es mal einer! Ich fand den auch mehr als peinlich! Und dann kam mir das auch als Symbol für die Hierarchie in der Luftfahrt vor: Die Jets bekommen mit Top Gun eine Ikone der Filmgeschichte (kann man drüber streiten ob der wirklich so toll ist) und wir Heli-Freunde müssen mit dieser Beleidung via Nicholas Cage leben! Klarer Fall von die "die Heli-Gemeinde der Army ist der hässliche Bruder der Fast Mover und wird nur belächelt". Sogar die Frau bei Top Gun war hübscher
  2. Thank you, sir! That did it. Strange, I am pretty sure I did not turn that on myself as I didn't even know what it does (I do now).
  3. Hi all, I use a regular TM Warthog with spring to fly the Mi8. I discovered yesterday, that the trimmer does not work anymore as I remember it. Usually I trim and the caret in the controls indicator stays in the position it was when I pressed the trim button. Now (maybe since the last update?) the caret always jumps a bit down and right from where I pressed the trim button. You can even "walk" the caret all the way to the bottom right of the controls indicator by repeatedly pressing the trim button without even touching the stick. All other helos work as expected, only the Mi8 has this p
  4. Hi gents. I run Helios 1.6 with Captn Zeens F16 profile. Down in the center it has some text fields that open up the left and right side panels. Since I use a touch screen and the text buttons are quite small I fat finger accidentally the wrong one sometimes. So I would like to move them and make them bigger. But how? In the preview the buttons are visible but all I can do is click them and they open the side panels. There is no resize or move box. And in the project explorer I could not find those buttons, they don't seem to be part of the main panel.
  5. Ist halt die Frage, ob man sich an das Original von 1964 erinnert, oder die Bar-Szene aus Top Gun. Letztere ist wohl auch für ganz junge Hüpfer Pflicht, wenn die sich hier in einem Flieger-Forum rumtrieben wollen
  6. der Apache - seit etwa 15 Jahren Ungelogen, das ist der Grund, dass ich überhaupt bei DCS gelandet bin. Ich war damals auf der Suche nach einer Sim mit dem Apache, es gab aber nichts. Lock On: Modern Air Combat, der Vorgänger von Flaming Cliffs, wiederum der Vorgänger von DCS, war das Einzige was irgendwie nach tauglicher Militär-FluSi aussah. Also habe ich erst mal das gespielt, quasi als Lückenfüller. Ihr könnt euch meine Euphorie vorstellen, als ich in dem Neujahrsvideo die Andeutungen zum Apache gesehen habe...
  7. This server is a great idea. I enjoy it quite a bit. Just tried fire fighting. I read the pdf before, but I still have some questions: 1. It said you should drop the water in front of the fire, so the wind pushes it into the watered section. But how far ahead should it be? Should I still get the "good drop on the fire" message or would that be not far enough? 2. How long does the water last? Basically if I spray a 50x50m square will it still be considered "wet" 10mins, 20mins later and be unable to catch fire? And maybe a proposal: it is a bit sad that one has to
  8. Quite impressive what that little thing can pull. And a massive thumbs up for pulling something like this off. Ich had a look at your GitHub but it seems "only" the schematics and a lib are available atm. Do you plan on releasing the source code as well as the step files to actually build the complete joystick hardware? Also you use one controller per motor, meaning two STM32 control two motors so only one axis per STM32. How do you make one device out of it that gets recognized as a single joytsick?
  9. I never understood the rational behind the question "should I buy this now or wait?". You simply have to answer the question "do I want to fly this thing or not?". If the answer is yes then buy it. What is the advantage of waiting? It will be more complete. But that is no advantage really. If you buy now and you like it now you will have fun now AND when it is more complete. If you don't like it now you will still have fun later. If you buy later you potentially missed out on the fun now and "only" get the fun later, same as if you would have bought already now and benched it for some time.
  10. Die wohl am ehesten releasefertigen Helis sind die Hind und der Kiowa. Beim Hind wurde auch explizit Q2 angegeben. Beim Kiowa lässt man sich die Tür offen, aber meiner Meinung nach hat der schon einige Zeit lang einen präsentablen Zustand, sodass das nicht mehr ewig dauern wird. Die BO 105 halte ich für eine Wundertüte. Da gab es immer Hin und Her mit PolyChop, Miltech5 und jetzt Razbam, sodass ich da überhaupt keine Aussage zu machen würde. Bei dem Heli würde es mich nicht wundern, wenn der einfach gar nicht rauskommt. Den Apache hatte ED in ihrer "2021 and beyond"-Jah
  11. Your solution would give you what you want. There is no value for "4 chaff at once", each one is always released with a gap, the burst interval. All you can do is make this interval small like with the 2ms you have in your example. There is actually a mod for this with in game integration: DiCE To me the hardest part is actually knowing what setting is useful. Is it worth doing bursts? What should be the intra-burst interval? ...
  12. Or those of us who don't want to fiddle with files but rather have a handy options window under "Special" can use this
  13. by all means please go into details, because I never use this switch, neither the weapons trains mode, to bore sight my MAVs. I can slew and lock just as fine wtihout them, so I wonder why I see people use them.
  14. What is that actually needed for? What does it do during boresighting?
  15. Unrelated to all this pitot talk, another possibility could be active autopilots. Have not watched the track file (PC is too far away from my couch where I am currently located ), so I do not really know what the phenomenon in discussion looks like, but when I flew yesterday I had my jet pulling down all the time. Turns out my ALT HLD was on because my HOTAS switch was in that position from flying another jet earlier.
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