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  1. Or those of us who don't want to fiddle with files but rather have a handy options window under "Special" can use this
  2. by all means please go into details, because I never use this switch, neither the weapons trains mode, to bore sight my MAVs. I can slew and lock just as fine wtihout them, so I wonder why I see people use them.
  3. What is that actually needed for? What does it do during boresighting?
  4. Unrelated to all this pitot talk, another possibility could be active autopilots. Have not watched the track file (PC is too far away from my couch where I am currently located ), so I do not really know what the phenomenon in discussion looks like, but when I flew yesterday I had my jet pulling down all the time. Turns out my ALT HLD was on because my HOTAS switch was in that position from flying another jet earlier.
  5. I am not against the feature per se, but I strongly dislike the fact, that the F16 is the only jet where it is needed. My understanding is that in reality this is required for every jet because there always is some degree of misalignment. Either implement it for every jet or for none. Currently it feels like punishment for F16 owners. And since were are already on he topic of inconveniences: GBU laser codes The inability of changing them in the air is a major disadvantage and actually takes away some of the fun in multiplayer servers that run any kind of JTAC scripts/units. I
  6. I am sometimes unable to change Maverick target modes. I tried to switch from PRE to VIS but it stayed in PRE. I tried clicking the PRE OSB while the WPN page was SOI. I tried the ENABLE button as well. Tried both with the HUD as SOI also. I even tried to CZ on the TGP prior to attempting to change MAV mode, still nothing. On other occasions it works. So I guess it is a user error. What is the problem? Thanks.
  7. @Mr.Hawkeye Und falls du noch Anschluss an Gleichgesinnte suchst: Wir sind eine gemütlichte Truppe, die sich hier im Forum gefunden hat, die einfach abends zusammen fliegen, keine Staffel im eigentlichen Sinne. Es gibt also keine Trainings oder Anwesenheitspflicht oder sowas. Man trifft sich einfach, quatscht und springt in einen Flieger. Alle Skill-Levels und Flugmaschinen willkommen. Gestern waren wir zB zusammen auf BlueFlag, vorgestern auf Hoggit, einige machen Luftkampf, andere Logistik mit dem Heli, die nächsten A2G und wieder andere kämpfen mit den Tücken ihres Fluggeräts.
  8. Da habe ich wiederum nicht dran gedacht, dass Leute WWII fliegen könnten, weil das so überhaupt nicht meins ist und darum schon aus meinem Hirn gestrichen Aber gut, dass hier jeder seinen Beitrag leistet und Hawkeye so einen umfassenden Eindruck bekommt.
  9. Ich wäre vorsichtig hier Flugzeugempfehlungen abzugeben, egal ob pro A10 oder pro F18. Das ist nämlich wie du gesagt hast sehr individuell. Und bevor Hawkeye nicht näher definiert hat, was ihn denn kitzeln würde, stochert man mit Vorschlägen eh im Dunkeln. Ich zB mag die F18 nicht und sie war der Grund wieso ich mir die F16 gekauft habe, wo andere wieder sagen die ist in ihrem frühen Stadium doch gar nicht brauchbar. Zum Thema Controls: 1. Ich bin der Meinung, dass man für ein Flugzeug keine Pedale braucht. Nötig für Taxi auf dem Boden, da reicht auch eine Tastatur. Schwierig
  10. I actually have no issues getting the bird stopped in time, just wanted to help out whoever is struggling by posting the findings of the Grim Reapers. I myself prefer aero braking for authenticity reasons. What I really struggle with whoever is the jet pulling to the side on take-off and during braking phase when landing. Already at what I would call low wind (5 m/s) I have to apply half of my possible rudder deflection to stay on a straight line during take off and when landing I kind of only use one wheel brake to counteract its pulling tendency not run off the side of the runway. Woul
  11. I went thru exactly the same experience. I even built a small Revell model of the F18 in anticipation of its launch but when I got into it it did not feel like what I had hoped for. Especially the HOTAS (or human-machine-interface in general) felt super bad, esp. coming from the A10, flying in VR and being used to not too often take the hand off my stick and search for the mouse. So quite disappointed by the F18. Not that it was made badly by ED or its EA state, just the bird itself didn't click with me. Then there was the F16. I never was a fan of the F16, just another tiny fighter with
  12. The Grim Reapers tried to answer the question if aerobraking helps. Answer is no, going directly to wheel brakes makes for a shorter landing. This is in the DCS universe obviously and real world aero braking technique is for reducing wheel brake wear, but if you struggle to get the bird stopped maybe this is something to consider. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqI8uvbBKss&list=PL3kOAM2N1YJcXK052YLROS5fo4m4lkrpG&index=5
  13. I had the same question a few months ago and was told that the radar antenna compensates for your pitch. That actually makes sense, image you are maneuvering while trying to keep tracks on some targets, e.g. to guide a missile. Now imagine you would have to manage the radar elevation along with your actual flying and still keeping tracks of the targets - quite a work load which could easily result in a wasted missile
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCews8fZv_o ab 9:17 Das Video ist zwar zu einer F16, allerdings finde ich die Hinweise von Redkite zum generellen Steuerverhalten beim Tanken gut. Vielleicht hilft das ja. Denn es stimmt, man kann das in Videos nur schwer rüber bringen. Wenn man sich aber bei jedem Tankversuch einzelne der im Video genannten Punkte mal vornimmt und geziel auf die achtet, merkt man auch schnell was das eigentlich konkret bedeutet und wie das das Tankverhalten beeinflussen kann. Und wie man hier sehen kann verkac*en eh die meisten Leute bei der Luftbetankung, man
  15. quick tip: IF your HMCS is on and you want to temporarily disable it you do not need to turn it off via the dial, instead you can use DMS down long to enable/disable it. Way faster and you can keeps your hands on your HOTAS.
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