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  1. Open Beta v2.5.2.19682 Whenever engaged in a fire fight they start running towards the enemy. Hold should mean remain static while firing. It seems it works for a short period upon new unit creation. Then, something happens as saves progress. I always save as a new mission file as I progress building to prevent overwrite corruption. I tested this on opposing side with hold->resume flags and they move anyways. Sometimes they hold, sometimes they don't.
  2. Open Beta v2.5.2.19641 It seems whenever you save (either over write or save as new) the shelling zones get corrupted. You have to unload the mission and reload it in editor. Other actions will continue under set conditions. However, there will be no "shelling." I tested this many times on several different missions. *Edit After selecting "prepare mission" instead of "save as -> fly mission" resolves the issue and future saves and the zones aren't corrupted. I tested and it hasn't corrupted as of writing this shelling zones TEST12 SEQUENCE.miz
  3. Thanks Looney. I found the little bird mod. I might look in doing some modeling. Right now I am working on campaign and mission development. I feel as though we have quite a few aircraft and beautiful terrains, but not enough missions.
  4. S_EVENT_HIT is what I would like, with simply the initiator being player or wingman with any weapon during my penalty flag=on. I'm new to lua...so If I figure it out, I'll report back.
  5. Thank you! :-) It's funny because I came back to reference your script because I found your original post on S_EVENT_SHOOTING_START. Maybe we can get this streamlined in a future update. Secondly, after quite a bit a research" Cleared Hot" is taken pretty seriously in the controller community. I noticed the majority of cases, especially in populated areas, controllers make you verify you have the target by physical descirption (talk on target), that you know exactly where friendlies are (like, you see them in your tgp, etc) before they clear you. I'm trying to replicate that in a smooth
  6. If this could possibly help anyone else...this is what I did. Kind of an easy work around. 1. I made a trigger...assigned a x flag=on, like a penalty key flag, with a message calling out troops at y location and "do not engage until cleared hot" (generalized example). 2a. On event destroy-Created a trigger if groups are destroyed while x flag=on: resulted in another assigned flag action to equal a mission score of zero. I also created end mission with Red winning message. 2b. edit- nevermind. I just remembered I can't use unit hits *face palm. Well the above remains true. 3. I then
  7. Very true...I'm trying to recount other material I read on weapon loadouts. I think I was reading "Danger Close, Tactical Air Controllers in Afghanistan and Iraq," by Dr. Steve Call. It's basically a text book. There was one account of a long engagement - possibly Afghanistan where all the flights in the JTAC's stack had CBU's. It was just a freak chance of it happening by my memory.I think this particular controller really liked them. Again, as you mentioned...depends on the situation.
  8. Thank you both very much for your reply. Sedlo, thank you for the script. The 9-Line CAS was going to be pilots discretion on weapons. But that's a great script!
  9. I have been trying to think a way around this. Is there anyway to make an enemy unit not immortal to select groups (for example the player)? I'm trying to create a prolonged fire fight with the enemy group only taking damage from the pilot or AI wing man. I did a search but didn't come up with anything. Seems like it would be possible? You can assign Immortal off with a flag and unit hit condition. But if anything hits it that would negate the function. Plus, if you have a lot of units it would take ages. Thank you,
  10. Really I want to start off saying...the USA models for infantry aren't that bad to represent conventional forces. However it would be great if we could have Tier 2 (SEALS-Green Berets) models with modern kit. Things like chest harnesses, OPSCORE helmets. Sometimes they are dressed like the bad guys to blend in to the environment. (The Insurgent model just doesn't work for this). I think it would also make it more challenging in the air - a thought process to verify pilots indeed they have the bad guys. With this you can create more believable mission scenarios where there are Executive Orders
  11. Has anyone thought about creating more modern Infantry models? Especially for unconventional forces like Special Forces. Every time I start mission building or look at them through my TGP it's like I'm magically transported to the 90's with their k-pot helmets. Skinning won't do them justice. I did a search and it seems there is nothing out there. We need technicals (crappy Toyota like trucks with crew served weapons mounted on them.) A little bird would be nice too so we can recreate 160th SOAR :thumbup:. We're a little past the Cold War days.
  12. I know this terrain is still in development, but I was measuring and it seems Kuwait can easily be added. A little bit more and you can have Iraq. Also Airfields of historical importance. Really I would be interested in this to develop a Gulf War Campaign.
  13. I actually searched the threads before creating a new one on a book recommendation. I second, "Warthog, Flying the A-10 in the Gulf War." The book is amazing as it gives great technical details on load outs, maneuvers, and tactics. I came across a few posts on here on realistic weapon loadouts and that CBU's weren't heavily used. These guys flew heavy. If it could fit, it went on the plane and they used A LOT of cluster bombs and Maverick G's. The only con is that sometimes it jumbles multiple personal accounts and can be challenging to track at times. Plus you get to read about a pivota
  14. Hello, I was wondering if anyone here can help me out? I have been polishing one of the CA Push campaign missions. Originally it was for learning purposes, but I became heavy handed and put quite of bit of time in it. It's 95% complete except I would really like the JTAC AutoLase function from your script. The mission is attached below. 1. I have attached a screenshot of one of the mist errors I'm getting on mission load. The file name always changes in the error. I might have a small idea on the issue, but wanted to be sure before I went through time to correct it and be wrong. I have
  15. Agreed. I’ don’t really understand the ai’s choices of decisions defining a search and engage zone where I want the particular area engaged and only that area, does not work. I end up with a flight that expended their paackage before reaching their main objective.
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