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  1. Will probably find out Friday if it’s coming on the 26th or a few days later, ED always announce in newsletters so I doubt it’ll just drop without an announcement. So announcement this week or next week via the newsletter I would imagine.
  2. Are you running open beta ? Most of the main pvp servers run on this I’ve never seen a shortage of hornet slots anywhere on the open beta servers
  3. Quick question with the new payload restrictions does this mean sta 4 and 7 will return to being able to fire harms now and it will be up to the mission designer to add restrictions if desired? thanks
  4. Thanks for hosting this was a lot of fun looking forward to the next.
  5. REAPER 43 Fragal F18 SC - yes
  6. For another example this is a statement from another server regarding multiple account usage.
  7. Not really an issue but is there a way to block a user in the forum can't find the option ? Thanks
  8. I love boresighting - with practice you get better it's a thing you can do in like 5 seconds i would like to see it expanded to other modules that have the requirement. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHvXL_tLALM Forgive the sloppy slew my deadzones are all off right now.
  9. One thing to note multi locks only work with single missiles, I've had no luck getting them to work from multi racks when you step to the next station the first station forgets the lock so you can only fire single missiles from one pylon. No idea if this is intentional or still WIP i'm assuming WIP
  10. I left it in MAN mode seemed to work, also thinking about it you could probably just TMS right on the second missile to re-command a hand off rather than moving the TGP just going to try it. Edit - yes TMS right short to re-command a hand off for the second missile rather than moving the TGP to a new point works. updated the above
  11. Just figured it out - rough instructions and a video below - First try - updated Quick and dirty steps for Maverick double shots - definitely WIP AG master mode Select TGP and WPN pages Set MAV's to PRE Set TGP as SOI (leave in MAN not AUTO) - Find a spot and immediately hit point track mav handoff will start. Set WPN page as SOI - Slew mav to desired target wait for lock. Missile step to next station. Set TGP back to SOI TMS right short to re-command a handoff for the second missile Set WPN as SOI designate second target and lock Verify locks in HUD should be 2 circles labelled 1 and 2 (for missiles 1 and 2 respectively) Rifle x2
  12. I'd buy this in a heartbeat! Modern fast trainer with extremely capable light strike options and the ability to perform light air to air why would you not want it.
  13. Was buddy lasing for a friend with the new a10 yesterday, it works a treat TGP to MAN, make sure the codes match, fire the laser from the A10, JF fires then "boop" is probably the best description, looking forward to exploring the new brm's have some issues with my JF binds so can't check myself till i rebind them - but thanks Deka your work is always appreciated.
  14. Yep i know, so i'm 99% sure the LSD notification doesn't appear on the tgp when switching to manual. Feel free to try it yourself though, i will be trying it again later to make sure.
  15. no turning man on and auto off means manual lasing meaning you have to physically press a button for the laser to fire.
  16. That was my thought process for the above all the russian L series apparently use the same seeker however the laser code second digit can't go below 5 on the airframe so not possible (check in the ME aircraft options) which is why i thought to try the 50 and the 25t with a friend because it is possible for the ka to buddy a 25l for a 25t but it's fiddly. But yeah see my post the brm's are behaving like saclos missiles right now they'll track where the tgp is looking with a laser or not and won't see any external source - definitely better to wait until the apkws code gets attached to them, the current scheme is literally just a placeholder but it works so meh.
  17. So... I wouldn't waste your time trying to do this until the APKWS scheme comes in this won't work or buddy lasing in general with brm's, I checked this the other day with a friend we tried with a KA50 and 25T and we found the brm's have the current restrictions 1) you need a TGP loaded and ground stabilised in area mode for them to fire 2) BRM's do not seem to use any form of laser they will hit where ever the TGP is looking in area mode whether it's lasing or not (you can check this by turning auto to man lasing on the TGP) 3) they will not follow an external laser source 4) they seem to be behaving more like saclos missiles rather than laser guided missiles right now
  18. Seems like this is a no (judging from lack of response) :( Sad...I miss the inner BRM's so much it gave the JF so much more freedom with payloads same would be said for being able to carry 4 701's on the inner and outer pylons i'd probably use those more too.
  19. I'd pay to have crewable and fully modelled sam systems but not for something that i feel should be included with the game - no from me
  20. Saw this on Hoggit and wanted to share - Kudo's for the amazing work Deka do and the skill they have with CAP and the JF17 - Love Deka, Deka provides.....
  21. They changed something on the left was the original values from when it worked, to the now current values on the right. Basically since that update it can pull less G, less AOA and the control surfaces don't deflect as much. So it can't keep up with riding the beam. Can't these changes just be reverted till the proper guidance becomes available to deka they've gone from working with incorrect guidance to using the incorrect guidance and not working.
  22. There's nothing realistic about this rocket anyway, it's using the wrong guidance and now it's gone from something that was using a workaround that worked albeit with a little extra range to something that still uses the wrong guidance but now doesn't work unless you fly in a dead straight line. I'll shelve these until they get the correct guidance i think...sad
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