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  1. The way those guys make flight sims the Sopwith Camel would probably run down the P-47.
  2. I base my remarks on play testing with human opponents who also took turns in the M2K. So we could be playing different games, yes.
  3. Obviously not or I would post it. I'm just asking if there is hope that it might be improved someday or if it will always be 2nd rate compared to the Aim-9L/M. Looks like I have my answer.
  4. Any hope? I see all kinds of threads asking for fox-3 and dash-5 variants. Whatever. The R.550 is dog poop compared to the Aim-9m, and the 1970s 9L is better, too.
  5. I can confirm that nothing seems to be rearming in 2.7. You can't put trucks near them, FARPs, Warehouses, it doesn't matter. Even SAMs stationed right at an airfield do not rearm.
  6. Yes, there is an upside to it, that is true. Learning a DCS module requires a significant time investment, and I enjoy the process. I spend time away from one module to learn another. I try to do a flight in the M2KC now and then so I don't forget... It just makes the process a bit more challenging when the keybindings change too. I haven't looked in depth yet, but not having the g key work the gear is really exotic. It's one of those things I leave on the keyboard because I only need access it infrequently. I'll review the other changes listed by @R.MESnow.
  7. A few months away and now the g key doesn't even work the gear. This module seems to a change a lot from patch to patch despite being introduced years ago.
  8. Ok, yup, hadn't synced my clock! Now it works, ty.
  9. After a hardware upgrade I have lost access to nearly everything. What do I do?
  10. Use the vertical. The F-16 has a lot of thrust above 400knots. Just go up and observe that the Mig-15 cannot follow. Then go down and use roll to match his turn.
  11. MSFFB2 here. 3 driver files are present: hidclass.sys, version 10.0.18362.1 (Winbuild.160101.0800) hidparse.sys, version 10.0.18362.175 (Winbuild.160101.0800) hidusb.sys, version 10.0.18362.175 (Winbuild.160101.0800) @BIGNEWY
  12. Not sure which patch did this, but in DCS my MSFFB2 buffets like I'm about to stall just below the centerpoint. This is most noticeable with WW2 modules or anything with a stall buffet, e.g. F-14. It doesn't happen with the FBW aircraft (duh). When It happens it is super annoying, and this doesn't happen in other prop sims. Do I need to send in a support ticket? FFB support used to be really good in DCS, but seems neglected these days, especially in the P-47.
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