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  1. Not sure which patch did this, but in DCS my MSFFB2 buffets like I'm about to stall just below the centerpoint. This is most noticeable with WW2 modules or anything with a stall buffet, e.g. F-14. It doesn't happen with the FBW aircraft (duh). When It happens it is super annoying, and this doesn't happen in other prop sims. Do I need to send in a support ticket? FFB support used to be really good in DCS, but seems neglected these days, especially in the P-47.
  2. Not sure how to get attention on this one. There is a thread in the wishlist and in the controller subforum. The FFB rumble is still absent from the P-47 in OB. It works on all the other WW2 modules. You guys said you fixed it, but didn't. We let you know and then radio silence has followed. This is not the ED I know and love and I'll chalk it up as a simple oversight, but show us you acknowledge the bug, thanks.
  3. They are not identical. The AI uses a simplified flight model.
  4. That sucks. All I can say is to file a support ticket. Hope you get your Jug back soon!
  5. gavagai


    Still nope. :badmood:
  6. They're about to push it to stable release without implementing forcefeedback correctly. It has been forgotten.
  7. @gromit190 My vehicles did not appear to have a waypoint when I clicked on them. They were stuck in their initial spawn zone. It worked fine before the recent patch.
  8. This. Some people already paid for the 262.
  9. It seems like the Me 262 is abandonware: https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/news/official-updates/6135030-weekend-news?p=7137347#post7137347 So much for the kickstarter circa 2014.
  10. Please don't forget 75" Hg for the P-51, which we should already have in the ETO.
  11. Be that as it may, the AI JF17's performance in BFM is observably better than any other 4th gen fighter. That is a direct consequence of its FM, however it is approximated. They need to sell jets.
  12. The only fix will come from ED. They've known for a long time that there is an issue.
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