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  1. I have an HP Reverb G2 and after loading a flight in DCS I often find my position in the cockpit a bit off. Is there an easy way to change my position in the cockpit. For example in the A10C II I think I am sitting a little bit to far back within the cockpit. So I would like to move it a slight bit forward. So what options do I have for this ? And in some cases I have been far of the pilot seat and in need to change my position within the cockpit.
  2. When looking from outside I couldn't see any wheel chocks
  3. In the startup and take of tutorials the plane does not move when it is supposed to. The engine is obviously running. I see exhaust gases and RPM changes when moving throttle. I have checked that the parking brake is released and rudder brakes are not engaged. What could I have done wrong.
  4. Since it has left early access I suppose those things shoud be ready or we will not expect to ever have it. Another question I have is hoe does it compare to the A2A P47 in FSX (SE) ?
  5. In addition to that it should also be mentioned that many modules are not working with Steam. I first used Steam and left it for stand alone which was a very good choice.
  6. No need to try it free when it cost so little. I got if for $5
  7. I was thinking about Hunters over the Yalu. But a question comes to my mind DCS has no Korea map. I had forgotten about the Museum relic which as I understand it is not a military campaign.
  8. I would like to know a thing about the payware campaign for the Sabre. Does it work like the payware campaigns for the WW2 campaigns ? And by that I mean can you proceed to the next mission even if you have not succeeded in the objectives for the current mission ? Or is it like the free BF109 campaign where you for example must hit a certain number of targets with bombs in order to proceed to the next step in the campaign. Which for me resulted in being stuck in that campaign. I don't want this to happen in the F86 campaign
  9. In this lesson I am supposed to take of and then press radio button 3 after which I am told to contact ground controller and ask for Bogey Dope. I see no such alternative in the radio menu. Just the usual entries and an awacs which can't be selected.
  10. He is no longer in business since he get bankrupted. I get the info from the bankruptcy trustee. I also find it strange that near values was greater than the far ones. At any rate as I see it my IPD is either 68 (most likely) or 64 both of which will work for me.
  11. Another option maybe. A while ago I got terminal glasses through my job and then I went through an eye examination. I have been able to receive a excel doc over these results. In this doc are information like RightPdNear = 34 RightPdFar = 32 LeftPdNear = 34 LeftPdFar = 32 Am I right to guess that this means that my IPD is 34+34=68 or 32+32=64 ? If so I am fine for the G2 and need no App
  12. Actually I have another option. Buy the VR headset. If it turn out that I can't use it return it for no additional cost within 30-60 days. Only question I might ask here is if it turn out that my IPD is to large for the headset how will I notice it ?
  13. But from what I have read here it seem that the mirror method likely gives IPD higher than what it actually is. And if so I am propably fine with the G2
  14. You meant EyeQue PDCheck ? That cost $13 also there was a notice that this App might not be compatible with my unit
  15. So if my mirror method is giving to large value I am fine if the opposite is the case very bad. To me it seem that measuring in front of a mirror (I used a caliper) would likely be more accurate than an App. When I searched for those Apps on Android tablet I only found payware and the free one was not good. Which one did you find ?
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