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  1. Thanks for the swift reply. The up-shot, then, is that they won't be aware if I launch an AIM-9 on their ass?
  2. Two for the price of one! First off, I often get no warning on the TEWS (Flying an F-15C) when I am launched at by an Archer (Think it's an Archer). However, the aircraft WAS maintaining a radar lock on me at the time, so it is a radar-assisted launch. I was under the impression that you'd get a warning tone from that launch, even if it is an IR missile. Secondly, any idea if BS is going to impliment the F-15 actually having an IFF post-lock? I shot down a friendly today, as I was in a dogfight with at least 4 other aircraft. I was being launched upon, I saw a missile contrail heading in
  3. When you say shimmering, do you mean it's difficult to read at all times? What happens when you zoom in? The F-15, since 1.1, has had a much zoomed out cockpit view. To read the text I have to zoom in, although this is probably due to running 1024x768 on a 17" CRT with no anti-aliasing.
  4. Whenever I play offline, I always find - without fail - that when my F-15 is hit by a missile from an Su33 it just explodes, dead. No ejection capability, the F-15 is genuinely blown up. Whenever I shoot down an Su33 with an AIM-9 it, almost always, just rips a wing off. Yes, it's a kill, and the pilot has to bail out, but still. It's a little frustrating that EVERY SINGLE TIME, WITHOUT FAIL I am never able to eject after a missile impact. This cannot be right, surely?! Is my install corrupted, perhaps? Or am I doing something wrong? This is not an exaggeration, in LOMAC 1.02 obviously ever
  5. Hmm, tried zzzpace's but don't really like it, doesn't sound right and the background voice chatter is amazingly frustrating when you're on voice comms. Gunna try archers.
  6. Damn. And there's no mods to include it?
  7. I've seen it in a few videos, but I'm not sure if it's post-production audio. Basically, when a jet flies past a sub-sonic in the real world, there is this very distinct noise that's a cross between the ripping of the air and a screach. I can't really describe it, I just know that it's blatently lacking in my copy of LOMAC. A friend of mine claims to have it, and believes it may be a sound option, but I can't find the option anywhere. Any ideas folks? I have a You-Tube movie with the noise I'm thinking of, which I will post below. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YR6m2LDeaQs&search=loc
  8. Never really found an experienced mig driver then, as I excel in Dogfights more than anything, and have yet to be soundly beaten unless I didn't know the aircraft was there to start with. In fact, I don't think I've ever lost a dogfight online. I've drawn quite a few, but lost? Unless I never knew he was there and he came up on my blind low six. Yes, I know, ego trip of doom. Shoot up is better? That's news. I've always tried to be at high altitude to increase the maximum range. Will try the shoot-up moves more frequently.
  9. Heh, thanks. I'm disappointed that there's no IFF post-lock, but I guess on the other hand I've been flying for over a year now and never used it (What with it not being there and all) so I guess I'll just have to stick with more frequent communication to my teammates. Thanks for the swift reply!
  10. Sorry if this has been answered before, I tried the search button but it didn't kick up anything useful. Scroll to the last paragraph if you don't want to read too much : When you activate radar in the F-15, enemy targets appear as rectangles and friendly contacts appear as round dots. This I can understand, it makes perfect sense, etc. What I would like to know is how to determine if a target is friend or foe AFTER you have locked them. For example, in a merge you don't have the luxury of activating radar and just checking if it's friend or foe, you've got him in front of you for a shor
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