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  1. Been thinking about how to recreate this in DCS just not sure yet how to....
  2. Yeah i just checked and they are there you need to click on shop now next to home the link defaults to Vive ones, then click on pic for Rift ones on right which will bring up some other options on another screen.
  3. I tried it but only cause my contract came with Gear VR for free which like Skate says its really does have low latency, but it will coheres you into buying the Rift as it did me or just go for the Rift.
  4. If you lean to the left then re-centre you will find that when you straighten up you will be almost leaning out of the window as if it were open takes a little practice to get used to, and sometimes in the Huey its best performed in the co-pilot seat as he has a less obstructed view.
  5. Anyone getting high ram usage after boot, idle of cpu from 3% to 10% but memory just keeps climbing the service host local system 14 is just eating up my ram after 4 hrs its up over 50% i have no viruses disabled everything that i don't use and still its eating it up.
  6. Had mine for a few weeks now, not been able to try them out yet though to much work on still in the box.
  7. I have had low fps since update to, on Blueflag in the huey was getting 5fps peaking at 6, and on free flight mission get 20. Before the updates i had my settings from the high tab and that was all, use to get 50 around airfields and built up areas, upto 90 in flight above 1000ft, now using low tab i can barely get 30 yo yoing from 15 to 30. Turned every background service off even stopped tir and still no gains just drops.
  8. Thats plasticiser migration induced by heat, basically the heat is reactivating the adhesive used on the back of the Velcro tape coupled with the PVC used in Rift shell the 2 are not compatible under heat stress. Try to find a double sided tape that is heat resistant and suitable for PVC application. Although looking at mine it has a dome finish so perhaps the clip is more contoured to fit better giving full footprint adhesion as opposed to say 50% due to the Leap being flat.
  9. Yeah i to have found myself reaching for my switches an mfcd's purely due to muscle memory they have been in place for quite some time, aslong as i sit in position as before and make sure i have no drinks in the pit made that mistake alread. Its like a 3rd sense if i look at either mfcd whilst in vr and reach for it i instantly make contact with mine was going to sell them, i think i will hold on to them for now. Wife still thinks i look an idiot, she won't be saying that when she can play bloody youville with them on lol.
  10. You don't need to walk 100m infront of you that is excessive, you really only need to lean and re-centre in the leaned position then once your body moves back your view is now outside , for example sit as upright as you can re-centre then shrink down as much as you can an re-centre now you can check six without looking at the seat, which does give users a outside of cockpit view advantage in servers which lock external views. Although it will make for some damn good videos with views that have been difficult to do, just stand up in the Huey once airborne an tell me its not an amazing view
  11. Thanks Skate quality lol finally a sensible answer from a moderator exactly what i was looking for the previous post that is about rotational dsync i get that fully case closed. So just a pop up message then, the wife already thinks i look like a nob wearing it women they just don't understand, so a card board canopy is out of the question it will be open season on me. And no i'm not strapped not yet anyway perhaps later for safety lol, but i am sat in a pit which does give me that ability like pilots to pin my knees to the sides and get a little more twist in my body which can push the
  12. That would work perfect if thats the easiest just do that or a pop up message like TIR, saying Human Limitation Reached either of those would be enough.
  13. Is this not a simulation that strives to be as near to RL as possible with plausible data, so its quite natural is it to move your head beyond whats humanly possible. I started this topic as i felt it was a bug to not be able to stick my head through the cockpit glass, with the cockpit open i get it thats obvious that was the first thing i tried i was blown away i wanted a ground crew to shout at, but when its closed should it not be closed and solid. TIR had a boundary, VR needs a boundary, TIR now gets a warning pop up when tracking is lost another boundary for TIR, yet the tracking is
  14. Definitely changed for VR users, tried the new update when it rolled out end of last week, received Rift beginning of this week and the view is spot on with head steady an looking at hud i can easily glance down with eyes to scan instruments. TIR users need a way to check this on or off i thinks some like some don't allow the customer to decide.
  15. Obviously when canopy closed you should not be able to stick your head through it, but when canopy is open you can lean over an out to your hearts content. Same applies to the Helo's you can stick your head out through an open window as they do cool, but at mach 1 at 15000 ft in an F15C one should not be able to lean out of window to check 6 or even any aircraft at speed and altitude its just not real. My natural movements are within the boundaries but i noticed this whilst in a dog fight, whilst twisting an turning to check six IRL the pilots grab onto handles and palm on side of cockpit to
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