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  1. I would also like to add to this, and option to turn off the fake looking cracking/scratching effect used on almost all modules - which is a really obviously repeating very low res normal map, and has not been updated at all since day one, which looks absolutely terrible if you use multi monitor setups. It is just about bearable on a single screen, but the option to not have to bear it (unless it is improved) would be nice. I guess that it is low priority, but just look how other sims do it guys - if you have to keep it, at least make it look less tiled & use a higher res texture.
  2. Canopy bind. is actually missing. Thank god for that - I thought I was going blind ;)
  3. Thanks for the info chap. I guessed that it must be something a bit more recent than the 90s. As I said before, I understand that the later models may well be very different to the old (well they were new at the time) 16s I handled back in the 80s Unless I imagined it all... There was a lot of beer in Germany that had to be drunk back then after all. PS can ANYONE tell me why every post I make on this forum adds double spaces after a new line & adds a huge space at the end like this? vvvvvvvvvv
  4. Just a note that the fans, compressors & turbines aren't really producing any real torque. They would only do so if there was a significant shaft output like a turboprop or I suppose if the engine or its mounings were significantly offset. I have found the F16 to be extremely tippy. I can easily scrape my nose or a wintip, or even turn turtle just by turning too fast while taxying.
  5. Perhaps because you are not moving the stick position with trim in the F-16, afaik, but in other fighters stick trims will physically reposition the stick to hold a position - so you don't have to hold it in that position.
  6. How do you mean "doesnt recognise". What is not being recognised? Keystrokes? Numbers? Functions? Numlock on or off?
  7. If you watched the track Frumpy provided, you would have seen that his flight was at mostly approach speed and gear down, apart from an initial period of about 560kts. I'm not sure if it is the track glitching or what actually was flown, but the only uncommanded yawing I saw was due to flying at, and below stall speed. The stall followed by a nosedive into an apartment block is probably something you should expect. That being said - the current iteration of this aircraft (maybe others too - I havent checked), is VERY prone to sudden departure when picking up turbulence from another aircraft. Even the Wingman F-16 in the Caucuses Free Flight Insta-mission. It's like getting behind a 747 wingtip wortex in a hang glider. Tht's not happening here though, the other aircraft are miles away at different altitudes.
  8. I have seen some interesting archive footage of stores (prototype testing mainly I think), doing exactly what they are not supposed to do, & either flying upwards or not separating cleanly & taking out the tailplane in the case of a droptank, as they gently rotated rearwards - and upwards. I don't think any of those were due to negative G, just poor designs or configurations. Anyhoo - I'm not totally convinced the weapon drop is 100% accurate yet, poor flying aside, and I know for sure that the F16 damage model (at that time at least) was pretty, let us say, basic. At least as wing collision is concerned - there appears to be none. I don't doubt that it will be good in due course. :)
  9. The comment above regarding a good seating position is important in the F16 with VR. I thought it was off at first until I relaxed and sat back in my seat. IRL, the seat really is like a comfy recliner. If your stick is on the desk and you are hunched over it, that will throw everything out in your VR world. Yeah, that IPD setting can be a trickster, but, the default setting seems to work for me at least.
  10. You can bind to the UFC UP/Down arrows, as mentioned, but bear in mind that this is just an Up/Down function - it only increments and decrements the current Steerpoint if a Steerpoint mode is showing on the DED. It is not a dedicated Next/Prev Steerpoint switch. Also, assigning to Auto right now might cause the waypoint to go to WP1 due to a bug, unless it was fixed in the last update.
  11. You have to be very careful when simulating a simulation. It's a bit like crossing the streams - it can end badly if you rush it.
  12. Guess you'll all just have to be nice to each other then. Maybe a friendly wave as you fly past? ;)
  13. OMG That is hilarious. I have never seen an f-16 liney dance done with such parade square precision - or with marching... :cheer3nc:
  14. So "Total Broken" means one function of the tac-com is not working as intended? :0 Most of my modules are Total broken. I should ask for my money back. Might I suggest using the Mk1 Eyeball to IFF for the time being?
  15. Shift+Z returns to normal too. Going too fast might corrupt the data - so keep it to 2x or 3x Max. You can't rewind, so if you are using it for doing something like repeating a procedure for training purposes, it might be best to create a mission with all the parameters set up so you start as close to the action you want as possible, avoiding the need to speed through the lead-up. If you are using the feature to create a video, from a previous flight, then you need to edit the recorded video manually.
  16. Condescending much:music_whistling:? I may old & stupid now, but I worked on aircraft for 17 years in the Air Force & as a contractor (Non mandatory service), and some of those were F-16s A & B models, from 1984 to 1987, and believe me when I say that I have no "strange perception of these things being shiny and smooth at all times". You guys may have worked on them in the 21st century - but things do get modified from when new - even panel fit & finish. Granted, they may have NEVER been billiard table smooth even in the 70s, but there are degrees of LUMP, and I believe that this is excessive. If you tell me that the C model was never this way, then, I have no reason to disbelieve you, especially looking at the state of current models with the scab plates all over the place, one way to add strength might be to beef up those panels. Oh, and what year is our DCS model meant to be from - 1991 or nearer to the present? Just curious. F-16A (I believe) taken from storage to be converted into a pilotless target drone, constituting what I would call pretty flush maybe 2 mm at worst - if not "smooth & shiny, and boy do I not envy him having to remove all those panels." https://www.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/115998/maintainers-resurrect-f-16s-that-will-become-targets/:- Pretty Flush inbetween all the reinforcements:-
  17. Yes. Since being weaned off "the other f-16 sim" ;) at least for a little while - I have discovered a bunch of new stuff - mainly while finding out odd little things like this. There are some strange things that must have a reason for being in there... but who knows why?
  18. Have to ask. Which runway? I have been slamming the thing down FAR too fast in Instant action missions after takeoff, and therefore far too heavy to see what I could get away with, and it seems to be OK - albeit a bit bent when I've finished with it. The import stuff has already been mentioned - weight, and AOA, is all important. If you weigh too much, then you will be too fast even if on a perfect approach. Maybe you could drop the hook and hope there's a RHAG?
  19. Also RAPTOR it might be worth noting that when it is working, that you can only see things in the altitude range shown at the radar cursor, and those will vary depending on what your radar range is at, and where the cursor is.
  20. Yes, your flight is saved as a TRK file when you end a mission, you get the option to Close, Watch Track, Save Track, Save Debreifing & Fly again. To just play the last minute, you can fast forward with the Time controls You can also load a track from the Main Menu - Replay entry. If you play a track, then change things around such as the camera position, then that is saved when you save it out (under a new name).
  21. All that said - the input does seem a bit tempremental - if it does something odd - just use RCL to start the entry again.
  22. Yes, true, but they do also tend to go in a downwards direction of their own accord hopefully. ;) To be honest - due to a sense of virtual self preservation, It's not something I ever did before - I do get that a released bomb is on the same general trajectory as me when I release it - so rule 1 is go where the bomb isn't - unless it is a special weapon that requires level flight. Either way, I did find it amusingly simple to make practice bombs hurtle upwards through my wings, with no damage to wing nor bomb, after a slight push on the stick. Having always assumed that the ejector was there to make sure that a twitchy pilot stayed separate from the bangy thing. Hence my question.
  23. You might want to mention what the problem was that caused it, so others can fix it too if they have the same issue.
  24. I'm using a TM Warthog - with the Radar Elevation assigned to the Coolie Switch Up & Down directions, using the ANT ELEV Knob - CW & CW Commands, and don't see any sensitivity issue as of the last 2 updates (April 18/20) Maybe it was fixed then?
  25. I would guess not, at least in the short term. I don't think any other module has anything either. As far as the F-16 goes, you can easily tell by looking at the throttle quadrant where the gate is, and the visual step the throttle makes as it jumps it, plus the Fuel consumption rate increases drastically and the Nozzle position is shown on the Gauge.
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