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  1. Paveway IV is only for the 500lb Mk 82 general purpose bomb, or penetration versions of same. It is interesting that it seems to be designed to replace the 2000lb Paveway II, and has inertial, laser, and GPS guidance, with high penetration & air burst capability. Pretty sure the Tiffy isn't using them just yet though.
  2. Just a thought, you do know that you have to select each individual controller and save that profile? I.E. If you have a separate Stick and throttle, you have to select each in turn by clicking somewhere on the entry screen for that controller, then click on save profile, giving each one a unique name. Just hitting OK does not save the profile AFAIK. Also, be aware of where you are saving and loading the profiles. I suggest that it might be best to save and load them from your user/Saved Games/DCS/Config/Input/ACName folder, so that you can be sure that they are safe from any DCS updates or re-installs. I don't use any profiler software for DCS now, but when I used the MadKatz app for my old X52 Pro, there were no problems getting it to work in DCS.
  3. In After crashing the UH1, recovery into a new aircraft is not possible (assuming one exists, and the option is selected in the GUI). It works fine if I start a mission in another type of aircraft. Pressing RAlt+J from F2 view clearly does something, because the UH1 on screen often jumps in the air a little, winds up, winds down, usually with a wet start, then shuts down. Occasionally doors open or close, or any combination of the above. No amount of pressing F Keys will get me in the cockpit, and the result is usually a broken aircraft.
  4. I have a similar problem with the "Ground attack-easy" mission (haven't tried the other one). It is very difficult to gain control of the Huey when the game starts in-flight in the Release & Beta version. It is Possible to avoid crashing if you apply right rudder and set the collective to about 60 to 70% before clicking on Fly. Whatever you do, make sure that you move the collective (throttle control in my case) immediately after pressing fly, otherwise the sim treats it as if it were set at zero, and you will plummet.
  5. Same Here. Wasn't it always that way though? Either way, the voiceover doesn't mention the SAM & AAA cover on the targets in the harder versions of the mission. Doesn't repair just DL the same files and remove your edits? If you must delve deeper, perhaps try looking for the last versions files from the backup folders?
  6. Amen to that. Just purchased the module, and was a bit miffed at the Russian only Tutorials. My eyesight is OK for spotting targets, and flying, where a quick zoom in overcomes any problems, but the text on a wide screen set up is just a bit too small for me, especially when it near the op of the screen and everything it wants you to click is at the bottom. I'm all for absorbtion, but selling a product with no real localization is a tiny bit lazy imo. Having native language as a default is fine, but when I select English in the options panel, I sort of expect that is what I will get. BTW. Since we have to read the text, is there a way to make it stay on screen longer? It fades far to quickly.
  7. When I was a mech, I never took my jacket off.... but that's UK weather for you ;) Back on topic though, it is a bit odd in the Caucus theatre that HAS doors, (some at least) open, allowing you to taxy in (yes I said taxy not taxi). How are you supposed to turn round, with no groundcrew to help? Aircraft would never taxy into a HAS unless someone was about to bomb them and there was no other option. In front of the HAS is a paved area that is so tiny, that even something as tiny as a Hawk would have trouble not going onto the grass. The revetment areas are a little better, and you can just about circle around in a larger aircraft such as a SU-27, although it is prone to blowing tyres if you turn too tight. We have the unrealistic Groundcrew repair and rearm commands, with the repair one lifting the entire aircraft up on an invisible crane, so I can't see it being much of a stretch to include a 'turn A/C' command to physically rotate you 180 degrees.
  8. When you jettison, either selectively or using Emergency Jettison, the stores fall away as expected, but all pylons vanish, apart from the Magic Rails which of course are fired, not ejected via ejector rods/. If they are jettisoned, then they are not attached to the stores, and don't appear to be falling with them. They are just gone. I may be wrong, but I don't believe that the pylons should be jettisoned in any case. If they should, then where do they go?
  9. That's odd. I was up to date (supposedly) just before I posted that. I tried to load on outer pylons... No Joy. My nstall must have been FUBARd. Just checked again and Rockets now load on tips, and all Jettison (unless empty). Also noted that the Pod Starting empty and filling up bug is fixed too.
  10. You mean pylons 1 and 9? How did you load them there in the first place? Certainly in the 1.53 Beta, and 1.53, you can't load anthing apart from Magic or Smoke on Pylons 1 or 9. If you mean Pylons 2 and 8, then they jettisoned OK for me in selective and Emergency. I can confirm that you can't select them on the PCA once empty, and can't jettison them.
  11. Did Your chute snag the stern of the carrier? ;)
  12. I assume the default Cannon Mode being A/A is because this is primarily a fighter & You want to be able to quickly swap between Magic & Guns instantly in a dogfight without releasing the controls. When you are doing A/G attacks, you generally have to plan more in advance. Identify target, Line up, Select correct weapon, select ranging mode, CCRP, CCIP or Gun mode and fly onto the target, so releasing the throttle to press a couple of buttons is less intrusive. ATM I don't see any movement in the A/G pipper regardless of what I do. It just seems to act like a gun cross (ie fixed), and seems to be zeroed to a very close range, and/or small speed range. so it might not make any difference which mode you use.
  13. The hook is of no use unless there is an arrester wire (RHAG) on the runway for a start. Are any of the DCS runways equipped with one, or a barrier for that matter. Nevada? That would certainly make things interesting. The Lightweight hooks on A/C like the Mirage, Tornado, F-15, f-16, and just about every combat A/C can usually only take the stress of a slow speed grab near the far end of the runway, (although this depends on circumstances, aircraft, and RHAG settings), and then it pays out a LOT of cable compared to a carrier, maybe 100m+, and is a bit underwhelming to watch. Energy is bled off slowly compared to a carrier system which is a high speed (equivalent to a RHAG at the touchdown point set to max), and absorbs the energy of the fwd speed much faster and in a shorter distance, which I'm sure is much more 'exciting'. It certainly would be exciting for the pilot of one of the A/C mentioned, because he might wonder why he wasn't slowing down much.... The reason being that his rear fuselage was sitting on the runway while he carried on without it. ;) I'm no expert, but here is an nteresting thread on this matter:- http://www.fightercontrol.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=82463&start=0 As for the chute... [OT] I once watched a German F-4 take off at RAF Bruggen that we had just Serviced, and just after rotation, at about 50ft off the deck, he decided that it would be a great idea to pop his brake chute. me and the guys were waiting for a bang, but he just kept on piling on the thrust, but seemed to be getting nowhere fast. It seemed to me like he was hovering. After what seemed like ages, he obviously realised what he had done, popped it and shot off like a rocket. he didn't come back for a new one. We didn't get blamed, but I can't see how you could accidentally deply the chute in an F-4. it's a lever much like the M2000 Parking brake on the LH side of the seat.
  14. The F4 Look Back View is pointing the wrong way and is offset to STBD. At the moment, it is looking forwards over the STBD wing. There is no entry in Server.lua for the Mirage ViewSettings, so is impossible to edit. Is there another file elsewhere we can tweak until this is fixed? My Screen setup is multiple screens, so I would need to do that even if it were correct (same for all snapviews). EDIT: In other modules, the Server.lua setting for "Chase=" sets the rear view with AnglesDefault= {180, -8} etc., and in M2000c, it appears in Views.lua, but is set to {0,0} rather than {180, xxx}. Setting it to 180 seems to be ignored.
  15. Oh that B***h! I told her to stop bothering my men! Poor Xavier is grounded because of her. :/
  16. In Instant Action missions, Humv are parked in the way. Specifically Sukhumi parking area. If you follow the Taxy line, then you will be stuck, with said Hummer in front of you. Today, I noticed an AI M200, minus a wing and canopy had collided with the Hummer that is parked on the line near the fuel bowser parking area. Nearby was a parachute where the AI had ejected. No doubt he was in the Bosses office at that point, filling in a large amount of paperwork.
  17. Quite a few years ago, when I worked for a UK games company, we were going to make a Rafale sim, and started work on it, (although it eventually got canned), with collaboration from Dassault, who were very keen to help us publicise their new baby. I visited their HQ in Paris with the game designer, and they gave us research material including hard bound volumes of the History of Dassault, so it seems unlikely that they are unwilling to help. Maybe just when work goes ahead without their blessing perhaps?
  18. Same problem here if saturation is changed, TDC stops working completely. However, with my TM, just setting the throttle joy_x/joy_y curves to 100% makes it work nicely.
  19. If everything is working, could the magnet be the one from the left throttle that snaps the 'Bolt' out of the way when you disconnect them?
  20. Yes. When did you last see a bonedome without a dark visor? I suppose It could work like the NVG Overlay, although a full screen darkening would be just as good. Also, IMO The Sun Flare is far too large. Even civilian aircraft have sunshields and / or a pair of RayBans available.
  21. Open your canopy fully once stopped so they can hear you. You can do it on the runway, but you might find that an a-10 is going to land on you, so park it up first. For some reason, this doesn't seem to be necessary when you first start the mission on the runway, and you can rearm at will. Refuel/rearm can be done "hot", but repairs are different, and require engine shutdown. One thing that I have noticed is that chaff/flares don't always get reloaded unless you alter the settings for quantity. Also, note that unless you load the same weapons as at mission start, you will have to reprogram the DSMS Inventory page for each store marked in red. Just select each one in turn, go to the inv page, select the correct weapon, and if necessary, number of stores on that pylon, then hit the Load button.
  22. A separate monitor config (for mfd export) that is loaded for each module would be good. ATM, it is tricky to configure each one so my mfds appear correctly on a second monitor without manually loading a different file from the MonitorSetup folder. I did have it set up so the su25t, Ka50 and A10 were catered for in one file, using Easy Monitor Configurator, but updates mean you have to redo the config.
  23. I don't know the answer to that, but like most things, I would assume that available resources would be a big factor. jets can certainly get in and out much faster. As for the vtol/taxi question, when I was working on RAF helicopters many years ago (Wessex, Puma & Chinook), the 2 smaller types would usually take off directly from the pan in front of the hangars. The part of the base I first worked on was a single hangar with 4 small frying pan shaped pads in front of the hangar, and the aircraft would go directly to & from those after being towed or pushed there. Chinooks being much bigger and heavier used a new bigger pan, and would sometimes taxi to the runway, but often landed on the edge of the pan (apron) and taxied into their slots. Chinooks make MUCH more downdraught and could make it pretty difficult to stand if they decided to land or takeoff too close, especially if they have a heavy load. Generally ground equipment and refuelling trucks are not left lying around on the pan for helicopters to hit, so that isn't a problem. If they are, then the helicoper is taxied into it's slot to avoid collisions. Quite often we would operate off base, and there usually being no runway, the things just went where we waved them to. In the Falklands, each one just had a bit of a field that it operated from. No runway there. As for skids, on a visit to a luftwaffe base, (Alhorn I believe) we visited 64 Staffel, then operating Hueys and they were hover taxying all over the place. Quite a sight - and noise.
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