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  1. If it was anything like the old Decca moving map system we had on Puma and Wessex in the 80s, the Pilot will break the thing in roughly 5 to 10 minutes after being issued it, so no need to swap any maps
  2. I have seen F-16 pilots comment that they fold the thing away IRL, because it just gets in the way, so Yes from me. As for the seat cover. No the sheepskin seat has to stay. It's comfy.
  3. mkiii

    F-16C Ramp Drop

    I guess you mean stabilator droop? I never even noticed it being missing before., but you are not wrong. I guess (but haven't checked) that a good many, if not all, DCS aircraft are missing such things as control surfaces drooping. I did notice that an empty DCS Spit had elevator dropping under gravity, while one with a pilot did not, as he was holding it in a neutral position. So all good there.
  4. Sure, you can use anything as a Shift state switch if you want to give up a joystick button (or a keystroke), and DCS is easier than BMS to do this, but keeping it "real", the usual suspects on a TM Warthog stick (for example) both have functions IRL, so you have to compromise. If you also have a throttle, there is usually a spare button to use a shift or to reeplace the function lost by using the pinky switch or paddle on your stick. If you don't have a throttle, get one. In BMS, I use the Target Script editor to add a Long and Short hold function to the paddle switch so it can function as a shift if held for half a second or as a AP override if held for longer. Use the Tempo command in this example to Produce F12 on a short press, and act as the normal button 4 Paddle switch. if held longer :- MapKey(&Joystick, S4, TEMPO(F12, DX4, 500));
  5. Why? Surely it is better if every aircraft had the same L/R/C MFD display export name as they do now? If all are unique, then you need to create a separate entry for each. aircraft in your monitorsetup config. Or are you concerned about something other than exporting them to a screen?
  6. mkiii


    And I personally would like to see this one finished before they even think about another version. Personally, I only have experience with Dutch & Belgian F-16As, and would love to see those, but I guess it will need a third party or a modder to do this any time soon.. While they are at it, can they create a Tornado GR1, Jaguar, Buccaneer, Hunter, Wessex, Puma, Chinook, Bulldog and Chipmunk, and other types I have worked on.
  7. All true. Stanley airport is much changed, with the metal strip extensions gone, and runways now shortened again. Most of the bomb craters still exist if you look at recent imagery, and the terminal doesn't looks much different from what I remember. Port Stanley City itself seems to be much expanded now. There are roads all over the place that did not exist in '82. The Harrier strip at Port San Carlos (post landings) is gone, and the "village green" of the sheep farm no longer looks like something out of M.A.S.H. I'm not sure that Goose green had a lot going on in 82 structure-wise that is, there were some slit trenches and gun emplacements, but the strip was just mown grass, same on Pebble Island. The main thing you would notice since '82 is the relative lack of utterly destroyed Argentine equipment littering the place.
  8. Happy New Year!


    Have a Much better 2021 people.

  9. Interesting. I do 2d and 3d work on this PC, so I usually leave my Main monitor "un-enhanced" - might be worth a looksee.
  10. I'm only trying it out as part of the free trial, and not learning anything in-depth, but honestly, I think it has some of the clearest set of instruments in DCS. I especially like the effort that has gone into making the luminous paint look... well... luminous. Are you spreading the view across multiple screens, or using a very wide screen? That can affect the default FOV / zoom quite badly if you don't account for it. on a single 2560x1440 monitor at default zoom the windscreen arch fills the screen, and the wing guns are not visible. Any wider than that, and yes, the instruments do start getting hard to read, but the same can be said for other aircraft. Your screenshot is certainly a wider FOV than the others, and not what I am seeing. If you want the advantage of an unnatural FOV, rather than having to move your head around, then you pay the cost of a panel that looks like it is 6 feet away and not 2. EDIT: Bear in mind also that the P-47 cockpit is a fair bit wider (about 36" below the sills, between the sidewalls), compared to the others, especially the 109, which is more like 24".
  11. Well they sort of do, since all your user configs are external to the Install, and a simple copy/paste can deal with that, and most of the rest has to be dealt with using OvGME or similar, but no matter what, you always have to mess around with control settings. Its as if the system was designed to use a single 4 button stick and nothing else. Having every controller be assigned pitch, roll and yaw as well as POV quickviews every time is getting tedious in the extreme.
  12. Enclosed cockpits are dark - especially when everything is painted Black. All the others are ridiculously bright, especially the FW, Me and Spit. As mentioned above, they could do with using the same settings as this one.
  13. PST is Pacific Standard Time, not Eastern European Time . Tha is only 2 to 3 Hours ahead of GMT not 9 hours.
  14. You should be fine with those, they are made for each other, but it is fair to mention that you can get by with only the F-18, since a functional carrier (not as detailed & no deck crew though) is built in to the free version, and you have the large expanse of the Black Sea to place it on. The AV-8 is also a good fit for Naval operations, perhaps not on the Supercarrier itself of course. FC3 is fairly cheap too and will give you a number of aircraft including the Russian/Chinese Carrier borne aircraft to a similar standard as the SU25-T supplied in the free version. The JF-17 is a good buy too, being very complete already, even though it is still Early Access.
  15. It must have just cleared after I last tried it then. I just checked, & it is working. I can now search using Edge too.
  16. I have been checking all afternoon, and so far nothing has show up as a free trial, although I do see the sale items on the E-Shop. Maybe they meant the 23rd?
  17. The notion that trees might be there to be removed is funny. The only ones I saw were in the grounds of buildings. In 1982 I was flown past what is now RAF Mount Pleasant, It was just a farm then, although I didn't see any buildings myself. The aircrew pointed out the semi flat area of heath, surrounded by what looked like bogs and lakes, & said that is where they were planning to build a base. There were no roads, except at Port Stanley, just the odd muddy farm track around settlements. But there you go, they now have roads and a big RAF base in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nothing but gorse bushes, tussock grass and rocks., but trees? I don't think they will be an issue.
  18. The infrequent updates of some config files can catch you unawares, so it it is a good idea to occasionally compare your modified files with the default versions using the handy compare plugin free with Notepad++. These command binds are sneaky, and you might be adding a mod to a file that was fixed in an update. Additionally, JSGME was no longer supported last time I looked, and although it still seems to work, you may find that the newer OvGME is a more reliable alternative.
  19. If you start with a fresh install on a new machine, and let DCS create new sets of files in the Joystick folder, they will automatically have the current IDs appended once you exit and they are saved. You could just copy and paste these filenames if you really had to. I think it would certainly be a whole lot quicker to just copy all your old files and just reload for each controller, than to laboriously copy / paste / rename all the files, for all your modules.
  20. Well at least that problems is fixed now: It was MS Edge to blame. Posting works fine on Google Chrome.
  21. Ahah! Panic over. The problem seems to have been Microsoft Edge.... I'm posting this from Google Chrome with no bother. Had me worried for a moment there. It's my own stupid fault for trusting that MS P.O.S. in the first place.
  22. Since the recent forum change, I have been unable to get any search results. I set the search options to look for any of the words typed in any post, from any time in the last 10 years. No results for anything. I tried logging in on Chrome & MS Edge. No difference. Any clues? Apologies if this has already been brought up.... I have no search, and I'm not going to ready every post to find out.
  23. This is still an issue. I think the Chiefski needs to put some Nitrogen in the Nose oleo. And while he is at it, perhaps some in the main gear. This thing is wallowing about from side to like it is a bicycle and rattling itself to death. I haven't flown it for a while, but I don't recall ever being in danger of the aircraft falling over on take-off before now. What has changed?
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