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  1. I'm sorry. I think the problem was on my end. Some audio settings may have changed miraculously. Most likely a faulty USB port.
  2. Hello, since the latest patch for 2.7 my audio stops working after about 35 mins. Only solution I have so far is to completely restart the game. If you need more info on this let me know. As of now, I'm not sure what info would be useful/helpful.
  3. You may be right about the birdstrikes. Mine was set to 1000% but at 10k ft? I don't know much about birds, do they really fly at this altitute? But that doesn't explain the smoke trail turning 360° around my flightpath when in a turn. Anyway, I'll try again with birds disabled and see what happens. Thank you.
  4. I see, thank you. Much to learn I have still, Master QuiGon.
  5. Hello everyone, I've just started learning the A10 (not the updated version) and everything was fine until I got engine fires on every flight after like 10 to 20 mins in the air. Just now it got really weird because the smoketrail did not follow the movement of the aircraft, meaning it did not change the heading according to the AC's path. (I was on autopilot ALT only 10k ft and doing circles to get used to the TGP etc.) The fire started for no reason, throttle was at about 60% maybe less not really sure, RPMs about 90% This happened to me on 3 different flights now. First two flights it was the right engine and today it was the left. Is this a bug, am I doing something wrong? Btw, there was no enemy fire. It all happened in the cold and dark mission in the A10 quick missions.
  6. Hi all, sorry if this is an obvious question, but I've just seen a YT tutorial for the Huey and the cockpit looks totally different to what I have (e.g. yellow stripes on the frame and a digital? altimeter). My question now is, am I using an old module? Can anyone please help me? And if so, how do I get the updated version? In addition, I purchased this module when it was in beta (June 2013) Thanks guys.
  7. Hey there, recently my monitor thought it was about time to enter Nirwana. So to pass the time until my new monitor arrives I had the most brilliant idea to hook my PC up with my TV. The problem I had then was that the UI did not resize itself to the new resolution. After messing around with the config file I managed to get the UI down to size but I could not click the OK button after setting up some video settings within the sim because part of the UI was overlapping the button. This might be a rare issue but I thought you should know about it.
  8. Nice! I didn't even know ED has such a long tradition in making quality stuff! ;) 20 years ago I was being distracted by Quake and Duke Nukem lol. I was 19 back then. :music_whistling:
  9. Aah, right! Totally forgot about the Black Sea map. ;) Nevada is just too awesome. :D:thumbup:
  10. ...after having installed the DCS World 2.0 and finally downloaded Nevada after what felt like a week (actually it was 5 days). Is it safe to uninstall the 1.5 beta and the 1.2? As far as I can tell, all my modules have been correctly transfered to the 2.0 alpha. So, I guess I no longer need the other two?
  11. Ok. I hope they will fix this asap because it happens to me every time I watch a replay. However, I know there are more important issues to be resolved first.
  12. Hi, not sure where to post this. I hope it's the right forum. Anyway, I'm having the following problem when watching replays. The A/C is taking off and then does something totally different from what had actually happened while I was flying. 99% of the time it just crashes into the ground. Never had this in 1.2 so it might be 1.5 related? Any ideas how I can fix this?
  13. I have ten bucks in bonus money but I'm broke. So I can't buy anything. Sorry ED. :(
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