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  1. This seems to happen with a lot of DCS missions. It's very difficult to know what counts as "success". I've been re-flying mission 4 (5? The one where you push the sead package into SA11's) in the F15 campaign over and over without any luck. I even strafed the enemy airfield a few times just to be sure, but still nope. In the end it seems the best bet is to hack the game files when you feel like you've done a mission successfully, since I doubt ED will ever actually fix/improve the campaigns.
  2. Quick demo mission file here, it does demonstrate the bug https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2m8Wm1qifJuaDlkTFBLRW1qWVk/view?usp=sharing Quick video of flight through the waypionts. Shows the heading indicator shifting when passing through north. Here's a video of a flight through http://youtu.be/qJ3u5zWGE8M
  3. THanks Mav. I saw the nav issue happen in the third F15 campaign mission, which directs you to fly through the mountains to ambush the enemy AWACS. My diagnosis (that it occurs when turning through north) comes from there (300+ degree turns starting at 300 knots in the mountains are... tricky!) Might be off on the exact diagnosis, ralfi's "warthog's really bad day" video shows a hud nav marker problem at about 4:40 here The circumstances don't match what I described, although he is flying "northish". If I can figure out put a quick mission together I'll see if I can get better data.
  4. Hrm, can't find a bug forum under FC3 Updated about an hour ago and my F15 now rolls to the right at any altitude (including veering right substantially on the runway). Checked right-ctrl+enter and my controls are centered. No significant wind in the mission. No weird stores configuration. This seems to be new to the latest patch. Also, I've noticed the F15 nav steering indicator seems to pin itself to the wrong side of the hud when the indicator is outside the hud boundary. It appears to tell you to make a right hand turn even if it would be quicker to turn left, but only if a left turn
  5. I realise this is a very old thread, but nobody ever answered and I am having the exact same issue in the current version. Anyone know how to get the wind readings back?
  6. I have this problem as well. Alt tab from the shell or from the server browser is fine, but alt tab once in game sometimes works and sometimes causes DCS to crash. Unfortunatley I have recently started playing again and at the same time I have purchased a new graphics card (GTX970 - unrelated, I am also experiencing a few graphical glitches), so it's impossible for me to pin the issue down as to whether it is DCS version related or graphics card/driver related. Disabling fullscreen is not a suitable solution given that more people are going to be using gsynch, which requires fullscre
  7. Steps: Press and hold a number pad key to go to a snapview. While snapview key held, press F1. This puts me into "console look down" view. Release snapview numpad key. Head now moves into extremely odd spot. Why would you press F1 while holding a snapview key? Well, let's say you're putting coords into the CDU and you want to briefly check the map. You'd hold your snapview key, press F10 to quickly glance at the map, and then press F1 expecting to go back to your cockpit snap view. This is a particular issue if you manage to make snapviews "sticky" as I have, instead of "press and
  8. Yeah, that's a fair point... but this was multiplayer, and I found the situation rather amusing, all I had time to do was grab a screenshot. It could have been any number of things causing it, I'm not posting it as any kind of "bug", just an odd happenstance as one occasionally encounters when doing anything.
  9. Perhaps I should have taken a series of screenshots, one doesn't quite do it justice. So to all the people who think they know what they're talking about, banking left here did not solve the problem. As you can see in the photo I am in fact in a left turn. This actually moved the fall line even further left, when I came out of the turn it ended up right on the left edge of the HUD before I said "screw it" and switched to guns.
  10. Eno and flagrum: From your various posts I know that both of you provide information about the game itself, and so to you what I'm saying might seem obvious. But there are plenty of posts around the forum that don't make this distinction. When someone starts talking about "real world" data as if it was also factual information about the game it makes it very difficult to sort out just what is true in DCS and what is not. Just look a few posts prior to this and see how GGTharos responded when I suggested that this discrepancy even existed.
  11. Not sure what you're trying to say there. Since you are "Moderator / ED Testers Team" it stands to reason that you are likely to defend the game vigorously against any perceived slight, so perhaps you have perceived what I have said as an attack and are therefore reacting with some kind of belittling statement. But what I am saying is not a slight. The program is great fun, it's just *not reality*, and treating it as though it were is a mistake.
  12. I am quite serious. How do I know? I know because the game cannot simulate reality perfectly. Therefore there will be differences in what makes for an optimal strategy. Imagine for example if, in real life, the loudness of your engine wasn't a factor, because everyone had super hearing (or everyone was deaf). Imagine if metal didn't glint in the sun, or that people couldn't see glinting metal. Do you think air combat tactics might be different? I certainly do. Look, I know we all want to feel like we are flying the real thing. As if we could just jump into a real A-10 after this and b
  13. Much of this thread (like many other threads on the DCS board) seems to vastly overestimate how much realism has been coded into this computer game. In the game, there will be good and bad ways to do various things, and they will almost certainly not be the same as the IRL reaction. Case in point... pre-emptive flares did absolutely nothing *in the game* until a recent patch, and it's still not absolutely clear that this has been properly fixed. We are at the whim of the developers, chaps. Looking up real performance envelopes, tactics, etc on fas or wikipediate may do more harm than g
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