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  1. A MiG-21 dedicated squadron in europe ? Hello, I am looking for a squadron dedicated to the MiG21 in Europe. We now play mission with a friendly conditions for the Mig21 , sam, ewr, surprise to challenge more modern fighters. That s run but we are just 4. So i m look for more MiG21 players or join a team Regards
  2. Hello this is not about retract taxi light there is some light on the mig21 even if all lights are off
  3. Hello, I have a great interest about a online PvP campaign focus on Mig-21. Mig21 both sides could be the way for a balanced versus campaign like Falcon online ones. If anyone set this such of game, europe hosted please reply here. I may gather 4 or 5 good mig pilots tks
  4. :music_whistling: Hi men ! I am looking for players able to speak a little English GMT+8 I would like to join a squadron playing US side :pilotfly:
  5. Anyway. Thank you So i have to learn chinese :)
  6. Hi, I'm looking for players in Asia GMT+7. I cannot speak chinese but english or french is ok. I m currently on lock on FC1 Tks a lot 霍特
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