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  1. Hello, since I haven't found anything clear enough I want to ask it here now -> how do you exactly use it? I know how to set it up but do you activate it when a SAM is trying to lock you, or after he shoot its missile? And if you really can confuse the missiles with the ECM and you are very low to the ground could the ECM make it crash against the ground? My English isn't the best but hopefully understandable :) Thanks
  2. Hi there, I'd like to land at Batumi Air base, but I'm to far away from it and it doesn't show it up on the divert page, so I wondered if it's possible to scroll through pages to other bases in there? And if it's possible, how I do it? I could for sure just remember Batumi's frequenzy, but I want to know if there's another way than remembering every frequenzy from your "favorite" air base. Thanks in advance
  3. No, I edited my payload and now it does that only in that mission. Everything is up to date so it's quite strange. I actually ONLY tried it it multiplayer, not in Singleplayer EDIT: I just saw - when I make myself ready for take off it shows DSMS Status in the MFCD. I didn't start the aircraft we usually took of directly from the ramp
  4. Alright, thank you I found them. Here's the whole track, we didn't fly very good but you can take a look anyway :) server-20130420-213048.trk
  5. Are tracks saved somewhere? Or do you have to export them everytime? Because I just ended game and forget it :/
  6. Already tried to reload it, didn't help :/
  7. Here's a ScreenShot. I'll try to post a trackfile later because I'm playing right now http://oi37.tinypic.com/24pjsyf.jpg
  8. Thanks a lot! But how could that happen? I didn't do anything. It's already like that if I take off or even when I stand on the airbase? And what do I have to do? I will do a screenshot next time I'm in game :)
  9. Hello guys! I wanted to ask if anyone knows here what the "P" next to my both Mavericks in the DSMS Page mean? I probably set it up wrongly, but I'd like to know what I did wrong exactly. Thank you!
  10. Hello, thanks a lot for your answer! Do you mean to change the task from AFAC to something else? And what exactly then? I can't find the right option you mean, sorry
  11. Hey, I just found a Modpack (as far as I remember it was SPD's) and I'd like to change the marking method of the MQ Predator drone so it marks the target by laser. Is that possible? If yes, how it is possible to do so? I didn't found anything in the mission editor - http://oi46.tinypic.com/34xlzs2.jpg Thank you!
  12. Thank you both for your reply Could I try it with auto pilot? And what's the max altitude you should have with them? Thanks
  13. Hey Ladies, today I tried bombing with the MK 82 in CCRP mode. I wanted to ask if theres a max. altitude you should use them and which settings you recommend. I made a short video were I used the MK and totally missed the target. Could it be because of the altitude? Or are my settings wrong? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycjYZEGQr0s Thank you!
  14. Thanks a lot for doing this video and thanks to all who replied to this thread! - Mike
  15. I find this really interesting, but until I'm done with all of it the SAM will take me down. I gonna try it anyway, thanks ! :)
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