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  1. Yes, would pre order, if I was sure my card wouldn't expire by the release date (Xpires in 2010, FYI)
  2. Good looking manual photo-editing job. Quite useless without the real product, though.
  3. Great idea about the Wiki. Please make sure to include the estimated release century.
  4. Yes, nice if there's gonna be a demo AFTER the release, makes much sense indeed, now WHEN is the game gonna be released so that there can be a demo to see if its worth what it's gonna be being charged for?
  5. sure

    Tracer Colors

    Yes, so terrific there will be tracers once in this game. When?
  6. Yes, nice, you can put all those NATO pilots photos into the game. OK, but when is it coming?
  7. Yes, nice specifications. OK, but when is it coming?
  8. Yes, gonna be another Falcon. Now when is it coming?
  9. Sounds all terrific. When is it coming?
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