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  1. :doh: True dat :thumbup: sort of implies that he thinks someone here hacked it, didn't it. :huh:
  2. Naw, he prefers a volley of 8 R-27ET's and his wingtip R-27T's now. :pilotfly:
  3. Correction, you bought a licence not the rights. The licence clearly states; 2. The end user may not rent, sell, sublicense, market or redistribute any licensed Mesh Factory product in a way that results in it being rented, sold, sublicensed, marketed or distributed by a third party. 3. The end user may not modify any licensed Mesh Factory product for the purpose of renting, selling, licensing, or distributing derivative works. By breaking this then condition number 5 came into force; 5. Any violations of any of these terms will constitute grounds for the immediate cancella
  4. Latest model information Project is stopped. Was not his original work and EULA of original model said not to modify or re-distribute the model.
  5. Or Tuckson tries to use wit but makes an ass of himself........... again. :doh: :cheer3nc: http://www.intel.com/products/processor/pentium_d/index.htm
  6. Exactly how the English Electric Lightning did it as well.
  7. What do you mean we can supercruise NOW? This badass MoFo was supercrusin' from the 11th of August 1954 (3rd flight). Did a lot more besides that. A truly amaizing aircraft for it's time. Probably one of the reasons behind the f-35's name. ;) :P
  8. Why are you trying to compare a production F-15C with a Pre-production category II prototype that was redesigned especially to break the time to height record? :doh: :pilotfly:
  9. Naw, Hungaro's speciallity was Micas on the MiG-29. :megalol:
  10. I smell a ................................................... Kenan :doh: :megalol:
  11. Does anyone check the dates on threads before they post? :music_whistling: :doh::megalol:
  12. Doesnt really matter if it was stollen or not. ED already have a GR.7 model (as seen in TBS vid) so *If* they are including one within BS, they already have the means. Other than that this model would NOT be able to be used as we can only replace existing models ATM and not add them. So ED would have had to access it and they would have been able to see if it was legit or not. Also IBTL. :music_whistling: Its bad form to open up a thread concerning a locked one.
  13. There you go again..... Whats this we sh*t? Gys is the one modeling the F-14, all you have done is claim this on behalf of your squad.... you didnt even have the b@lls to put Gys name first. Then, thanks to Hellcat, we find out that you also claimed on the F-14 site that it was also you/your squads work. Seems you have pissed Gys off also with his little P.S. to you. Gys is doing a great job on this so far and may he continue with it and not let a little @&$% like you dissuade him from it... You. All YOU have done is loose what little respect you had left after all the childish
  14. Yes, I seen that over at lockonfiles. Pretty low if you ask me. Trying to get praise where none is due. What a cheek......... trying to claim a model that he has not contributed to. :mad: I also note that AMRAAM has not confirmed this "video project". Is this also just another figment of Corsairs childish imagination? BTW, Good luck with the model Gys. :thumbup:
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