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  1. Blue Voids I just noticed that I have the same problem. Nothing to contribute, unfortunately, in terms of a root cause, or a workaround. I guess I'll open another incident record and see how that goes. P
  2. A HUGE Merci! @JEFX: Man did you save me from a lot of fruitless labour. I had just started opening each command in the Change dialog box and copying/pasting the command into Word. I even clicked the HTML command button to see "what if..." but didn't dig any deeper. Hope I can return the favour some day. P
  3. Thanks for the help, guys! I'm counting in this game to have a slightly more shallow learning curve than the A-10C! Happy flying! P
  4. I have none of the earlier versions, and am pretty unclear as to which to purchase. Is there someone out there who can give me some direction on which version/s to buy to permit FC3 to be installed? At this point, my guess is Lock On Platinum, but the more I read, the more I just go in circles (just like I fly, actually!!). Thanks in advance! P
  5. I have the same problem as well. Driving me crazy! I'm no techie, so I'm sure one day I'll find out it was some minor issue that any 12-year-old could have solved!
  6. "since many hours...." You and I are in the same boat, my friend! A boat without a rudder, or sails, apparently. I have spent days trying to get my sticks (a Logitech and a Saitek) to work with this (and other) sim's but am having very little luck. Well, no luck, really. I have even gone to the extent of re-downloading the relevant files, doing a complete recovery of my system, and a VERY careful reinstall (all day today) and IT STILL DOESN'T WORK. So I will follow this thread with interest and with the hope that (with all the obviously very bright people who populate this corner o
  7. Well, this took an interesting turn! My thanks again to those members who took the time to reply. Seems I have more reading to do.... P
  8. Hi, all. (Hope this is posted in the right place.) I am brand new to this activity, and am having trouble choosing a joystick. I had done a lot of reading prior to purchasing and the Saitek X52 Pro seemd to be a good choice (not a clear winner, of which there didn't seem to be one - correct me if I'm wrong there). I have had it for two weeks and so far have spent more time restoring a corrupted (twice) PC than learning to fly. I also find the stick to be very soft to use, and can't seem to find any way to stiffen it up. So I think it will be going back. Can I ask what others are u
  9. I'm new to flight sim'ing and to this site, and just stumbled acress this thread (it's third anniversary a couple of weeks ago). Seems like a temendous idea and entirely in keeping with both the philiosphy and the quality of this site and the app's. I look forward to reading the thread fully and my hope is that this program either has, or will, become a reality.
  10. Nice work! Excellent work on the profile and related diagram. Very good of you to share so freely. I am a big believer in tight documentation, so my hope is to be able to give back to the group when (if??) I ever get my head around this app (and overcome my persistant problems with Saitek apps and drivers!). Pierce
  11. Fantastic As someone who creates a lot of documentation, I can really appreciate the time and effort expended to do this. I also could not be more in agreement with you regarding your "share the wealth" philosophy. As a complete "noob", I can't thank you enough. Hopefully the day will come when I know enough to be a net provider to the community. All the best!
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