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  1. I don't have max anymore,... can someone convert the max file in a LOM file and post it here ?
  2. +1 and.... It didn't make me laught... Despite of that, nice video edit as always
  3. Maybe u can try the 1.4 realease ^^ http://www.modern-air-combat.de/index.php?topic=2661.msg18951#msg18951 Thy Tom :~)
  4. Sweeeeeet !!!! By the way, thy for the 1.3 realease of your jet package ;~)
  5. In your card config maybe you have some option like "remplace all application material",... This option must be checked because LO has no native AA config.... Maybe there will be in the FC.20 patch, but I don't think so
  6. Wha Vire... Heu, sorry, Tigrou, what a magnificient work !!! That's beautiful ! To JaNko, good hunt ! That's very cool from u
  7. That doesn't mean it wont work, but some minors pbs could appear on the Walmis F-15. That's the fact and another one is 14.95$ isn't very much. I'll probably buy this patch because I really love Lock-On and because I'm a great fan. I really like the work ED does on LO but sometimes I'm disappointed... I have already said why so I'll wait for the patch FC 2.0 to give a constructive advice. By the way : thx for the rep increase after the loss, it is still a pleasure :) Thy to 159Th_Viper for the inbound, not to Ulrich from the ED team for the loss
  8. I guess the 3Go's team and Yeniceri from SIM-MOD will perform the evolution of their models for FC2 (I hope so), but the Walmi's F-15, I think nobody has got the source anymore and FC2 means : no more Wlamis F-15 (and when you see the screen shot of the F-15 at the begining of the thread, it's very worry because it is just awful.... But Borchi and Tomcatz are working hard on new F-15.... Thy ED for making us pay again for this crappy F-15 model from 2003 and thy to the fan who will rebuild it ;~) PS : I've noticed I have loose some reputation points.... I'm quite critic with this patch, and I pay for that ? I don't want to be misunderstood : I'm very happy that ED realease this patch, and I just express some critics because nothing is all white or all back.... Anyway, I don't care of my rep here.
  9. yes, I agree, the FC 2.0 is a very great news as I've already written at the begining of the thread... but I also have a few fears about it, especially for the framerate. As everyone here is so happy, my dissident opinion is not so important. I stop arguing because it's not constructive. I'll wait and probaby by this "patch" @ 15$... That's not so much.
  10. That's so fun to see people so happy to pay 15$ for no new aircrafts and some old improvements which could be out since 2 years... And I guess nothing have been done to improve CPU and GC management,... Wow, effectivly : thy ED... L.O.L²
  11. I'm not sure you've noticed,... FC 2.0 will replaced the Crimean/Russian LO map with the Russian/Georgian of DCS,... So, except if I've misunderstood, even the waypoints of your plane can't be import.
  12. Wha that's a f...ing good news ! Really ??? that's pretty close from now... CoOol
  13. Wow ! There are a lot of very great screens here !!! With a lot of very great 3D models !... Impressive ! Here is a screen of the 3Go's SU-27
  14. Wow ! You rox again and again !!! That's beautiful and your link is already in my bookmarks !!! Thx a lot !!!!
  15. That's a mother f...ing great news !!! CooOOool !!!!
  16. Take your times, like girls says,... the longer it is, the better it is
  17. Wow ! that's looks very awsome !!! Thy guys for this amazing sum of work for our greatest pleasure !!!!
  18. Wow Gozr !!!! Your runways textures amazing !!! Will it be publish soon ?
  19. Wow !!!! That lookks very very beautiful !!! Thx a lot Shaggy !!! I'm going to have a closer look at it right here, right now !!! Thy ! Thy ! Thy !!!!
  20. Wow !!! Freakin awsome damage model and pilot !!!!
  21. Sorry, I can't help,... But wow ! your model is going fast !!!
  22. Wow !!! That's freakin' awsome !!! It's not for the cooler & beers ?
  23. Oops :music_whistling: Sorry,... I should have know that Yoloon Fly has done the J-7... Thx for the correction. Anyway, the J-7 is a MiG-21F/G variants built under license by Shenyang and Chengdu in China, so with a russian skin it will look like a Mig-21 for me, I'm not a specialist.
  24. Yoolon fly has done a very nice Mig-21 a few montyh (years?) ago. I've realease my own modman package with cdds and it's awsome...
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