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  1. Thanks for the help, I think I had the decimal in the wrong place on the so I was trying to dial on 8203 rather than 820
  2. I am currently learning the Viggen and have recently been doing rocket attacks on a multiplayer server. Target altitude is at 1765m QNH 1010.13 QFE=1010.13-1765/9.3 =820.3 This value is too high for the altimeter, am i doing something wrong or is this a limitation of the aircraft?
  3. I have attempted this mission twice this morning and on both occasions my wingman has run into the back of me as I request take off clearance at the hold short. Has anyone else experienced this? Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Apologies if this thread is misplaced and this topic has already been covered, but after extensive googling i have not had any luck. I have recently acquired an IPad, and wish to run both Helios and I control Simultaniously; having various guages on my secondary monitor and using Icontrol for mfds, cdu etc. I have a funtioning helios profile that i have been succesfully using for a short period and now that i am trying to use iControl i am having some difficulties. I have managed to set up the mfds displays to work, but at the moment none of the buttons in iControl work. Is my understanding correct in that both these programs use the export.lua to function correctly? If so i believe i need an export.lua that supports both these programs. Would it be possible for someone to assist me with writing the .lua, or to post a functioning .lua for this purpose? thanks for any replies
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