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  1. Hi! I recently setup 2 8" monitors for mfd's. Is there any way to disable in cockpit displays in a10 so i can control and see the mfds only on monitors ? And other aircrafts also like harrier .
  2. -GBU-54 Laser JDAM's -Cockpit and external graphics -Nose illum fix -TGP slew shaking fix
  3. I don't know if this is a correct action of jdam but i agree with you. i have the same ''problem''. Anyone else can confirm that? it is a bug or not?
  4. Any clue about mc light work in windows 7 ?
  5. Confirm that please... passing through mines they just explode but no damage to any vehicle
  6. i can confirm that! landmines dont cause damage.
  7. group stop/resume doesn't work. testing with infantry
  8. Hi. from last saturday i have this problem. in every aircraft every 10-20 seconds and for about 3-4 seconds my fps drop from 60 (vsync) to 8-14. i tried repair.. since last friday i had no problem at all. before that happen dcs crashed when i launched a mission to see mavs in f-18 any idea about that? now i reinstall dcs to see if it works.. i have no problem in other games like GTAV, COD WW2. Only in DCS My specs I7 4790K Asus GTX1070 STRIX OC 16GB RAM SSD SAMSUNG EVO 250GB
  9. i can confirm that! i see that happened in gulf map
  10. aha,and i thought i had this problem ...so this is a problem with nvidia drivers/cards..right..?
  11. hi.. when i load a mission or just an a-10c in mis editor for free flight, the first gun run i make causes to me a stutter for a 1/4 second..also in random time does that in games expept dcs, in gtav for example...can anyone have a clue about it? My system i7 4790K 16 GB RAM 1866 Asus GTX 1070 Strix gaming OC aSROCK Z97 Anniversary SSD
  12. i use the mist including on your package daws...i set it on triggers..that was my mistake
  13. onib89


    Game crash after driving a manpad manually on a roof of a building
  14. damage texture on right engine of a-10c after last update
  15. incoming missile looks like lost you but is coming to you.. tested with a-10c against roland ads at 10000ft and the roland on my 4... the smoke trail of missile looks other direction but the missile is heading to me..last update
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