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  1. Hmmm, if you manually switch to ICS and use Aux? is Aux TX5?
  2. It is, holding the cross hair off target to compensate for bullet drop is awesome. It requires skill that in the DCS virtual world, is very much needed.
  3. I hear you on clarity, but I played with a lot worse resolution in the 80s, for me it is simply going back to what the past gave me in order to blaze the trail for the future. Getting the HP reverb G2 to 100% SS setting in steam and staying head and shoulders clean above 45 fps is my only goal at the moment, hopefully ED will give us 10 fps on the newer graphics engine and 10 fps on the core engine update.... then I will be happy.
  4. Real life Apache pilot Kgillers3? VR experience or just flatpanel with track IR? It would be good to have you in the virtual, it is a bit different to what the majority of DCS gamers experience... but painfully expensive to run! As you mentioned, in combat sim we get our selves into a lot more trouble than we would have done in real life.... so the little things matter a little bit more.
  5. Thanks for the heads up fenmonster, I already manually loaded it to the 64 bit file. I had a serious amounts of problems getting it going until I replaced my HP VR Headset Microphone and speakers with a pair of headphones with built in Microphone boom. My main problem seemed to be with microphone drop out from the HP VR G2 headset. Seems to be running sweet now..... kneeboard pops up if I mumble nebord! Truly Superb Kneeboard in Viacom!.... simply supreme! Waiting.... patiently.... for the Hind hook up and co pilot coms package!
  6. Yeah the VR version is where I will put my moans and groans. For pancake..... I just do not know where you guys will want the monocle placed..... centre view monocle is just a funny compromise I guess. glass no glass. weird transparent projector. The glass looks good to me though.... ready for VR. For VR it is different, the monocle will sit over the right eye.... dominant. Edge of glass noticeable when you rotate your Mk1 s around their periphery. Huge projector housing to the lower right of your right eye..... as in your picture, massively obstructive to your entire lower right window periphery view. For VR of course, it will be interesting to see how they model the PNVS, the sensor sits externally on the nose of the airframe, some 60 cms to 70cms below the pilot and at least 1.5 metres forward of the pilots eyeball. I hope ED go for that in the VR sim, weird spooky night vision in the right eye, offset by distance. A Christmas tree of lights and gauges being seen in the left eye (no offset). I just love VR.
  7. Agreed, but the MI-28's Kannon is also mounted well forward on the nose to help clear the fixed landing gear. This massive Kannon's firepower, when traversed to shooting 90 degrees left, creates a massive force that is multiplied by the distance from its centre of gravity. This creates a massive turning force on the airframe which effects the Kannon's accuracy. The Apache designers understood this and went for the bigger 30mm projectile (more explosive filling) with lower range (less muzzle velocity, smaller cartridge)... the apache is more of a compromise for defending herself over a shorter range but doing it more accurately over 180 degrees (?) of cannon movement (relative to its nose). I for one am looking forward to eyeballing my enemies at 500 yards left to direction of travel, dropping my monocle sighting system onto them and laying waste to them quickly and efficiently... a touch more lead here and there perhaps.... but generally.....really good fun stuff. Truly looking forward to this superb Attack Helicopter...... probably the best in the world. But as a side note: I do like Russian hyper ballistic guided missiles. I like em alot, I can find no weakness in their design, the missiles are just coming faster than yours.
  8. Depends. For guns only; If you are in a apache and go toe to toe head on with a shark, I reckon you are doomed. If you go toe to toe with a hind with its double Kannon set to high rate of massive firepower..... For sure you are doomed. For cannon agility in a spiralling chopper dog fight.... that would be a fantastic way to find out who is king! Agreed, horses for courses! we will get them all MUAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  9. The VA & Vaicom kneepad seems to be pretty good as standard on the Syria map, but it would be good to add stuff.
  10. The Apache cannon will certainly not have the range of the Ka-50 or Hind Kannons.... that is for sure. 1.5Km is where it will be most accurate at longer ranges... and even then.... bullet fall will be well dispersed. The Apache does not have the projectile weight or powder quantity (cartridge size or brass capacity) that the bigger Russian 30 mike mike Kannons have. The Russian bullets leave the barrel faster and heavier..... they are harder to stop and therefore do much more damage when they do eventually stop against an obstacle like an armoured personnel carrier. The guys who designed the Hind MI-24P and KA-50, knew what the were doing! Kannons fixed rigidly to the airframe, on the axis of travel = massive accurate firepower. For the Apache, the cannon (itself) and the 30mm round it would fire were designed specifically for the Apache, it was designed to be a close range weapon that could shoot up to 90 degrees left or right of the airframes nose or direction of travel with minimal effect on the airframes attitude. Look at the Apache's short cannon barrel, it was designed to fit the low powder load of the round. The guys who designed the Apache and the Apache's cannon knew what they were doing. I cannot wait to get my hands on the Apaches cannon! Enough firepower combined with the cannons fast 180 degrees of dispersion..... It is the sort of compromise I can quite happily live with. I would love to see a video of the MI-28 shooting 90 degrees left or right with that big old 30mm Kannon!
  11. To me the IHADDS glass looks superb. In VR it will only cover the right eye with the edges of the glass at the periphery of the eyeballs view... it will be like sun glasses, not noticeable. Off course an option should be available for the monitor users. Should the base of the monocle be solid though? ..... obscuring the very extreme bottom right of vision.... from a VR point of view? The DCS AH-64D looks like it will be superb!
  12. Sorry got a warning from ED forums. Profanity and what not. My apologies if I have insulted anyone. I wish you all a good night.
  13. Regarding the Apache D..... there is a point in your response? What was the first data communication airframe in the US of A inventory? How it was then is not how it is now. how it is now is not how it is in the future. Your answer gives the impression that you know what you are talking about. But when it comes to Attack helicopters, I am not so sure that you know anything at all. But to be honest with you, I do not think the US military knows what to do with them...... we have no such problems in Europe.
  14. I am 1 to 2 days behind you brother. Looking forward to the responses.
  15. No.... it is simply diversifying an awesome weapons capabilities. it is a side show to its prime directive. The Apache D is a shockingly versatile weapon. Out of interest, did superb ground control coms start in jets or did it start in attack choppers? Did choppers start the data sharing revolution or was it jets? Which was first? Just in case you did not notice, I am truly looking forward to this weapon sitting in my hangar. Pride of ownership will be the first emotion felt by me. The second emotion will be a feeling of finally coming home.... do you feel that NeedzWD40?
  16. For sure. I will let the automated systems dictate first then try without. (not yaw AP, no yaw AP in my test schedule... at all , only pitch and roll AP on, same as MI-8). No hover hold junk or anything else..... Why would a pilot need such crap in the Hind?
  17. A sea King would be great. High on my list. Source IcedVenom? .... or are you being naughty.
  18. I am well versed in the effects and what directions they affect the airframe, but do not remember any kind of wind speed values. Without doubt the Hind runs out of pedal authority very quickly, it is very obvious at 4000 metres and this is with the Hind's automated system allowing full pedal deflection or should I say full yaw blade angle at these heights (no yaw AP). Seriously wish I had the manual right now.
  19. Makes me vomit how jet pukes think the Apache will be a laser designator for fast movers! That is the Kiowa's job! The Apache D will lay waste to large, well equipped ground forces faster and more efficiently than any fast moving puke will ever achieve! The Apache will obliterate the well equipped ground force and will then look under the cervices and dig out the hiding, fearful soldiers for 30 mike mike justice. It will be very personal with the Apache..... whites of the eyes kind of stuff! No large scale army surrendered to an F-16 or F-15 when it appeared.... they did with the Apache. The Apache is simply a horrifying weapon.... so close and personal. The jet boys job is simple.... keep the Mig 29s, Su 27s and especially the SU 25s, or any other slow moving aeroplane off our arses! That is all we ask.... the rest is what the Apache was breed for.
  20. I have 2 weeks of holiday to set up my system, get voice attack going and fly the Hind. Finally after such shameful negligence on my part (due to work of course) I have time to give this big old girl some attention. I am looking forward to experimenting with the Hind and seeing what is what, the hind feels like a great module but it would be interesting to see what is modelled and what I think is modelled. Wind direction I know, however, Is there a specific wind speed that increases the risk of LTE on a chopper or is it just the faster the better!
  21. I guess it is possible, I would imagine current FFB sticks do not have great tolerances and do not hold position perfectly. but I would not think FFB sticks are as problematic as a centring stick..... must be nice to have FFB on choppers, what make do you have?
  22. The nose rising hard may be due to the large winglets pointing up and creating massive lift as you try to slow down by pointing your nose up. These are the largest, sculpted for lift, wings on any chopper in the world and they create huge amounts of lift when fast forward speed is achieved. I find it better to use this lift in a slowing turn..... use the lift to push towards the centre of the turn, this way height gain is controllable whilst resistance to speed is increased.... off course this is for a fast deceleration landings. Large live changes in the joystick and then trimming is not good, it is not good in the MI-8 either. It is better to do lots of small movements trimming as you go (or even bleep trim). Just use the default trim setting in the menu, trim after small adjustments so that you can get the joystick to centre quicker (you have 0.5 or 0.8 second to re-centre your stick and after that you stick is live). I recommend you do not use the "return to centre" trim option in the menu.... in a fast changing low level flight, it might just be that banking right at the moment you HAVE to re-centre your joystick just caused you to die......never allow your stick to go dead indefinitely until you centre your joystick... it is just death. Do not use rudder trim...... it requires thought and due diligence to check the relationship between virtual pedals and the real pedal position... it takes your mind off flying... it is just death. The current trimmer fix is very nice and smooth I think.
  23. Me, its being made for me.... all choppers are made for me It will be interesting to see how much DCS time is taken up by the Apache D and how my flight time in other choppers will suffer. I consider the ka-50 to be very simple to operate, it is all steam gauges with a small amount of digitalization, Toggle switches are all available in the pit for a fast weapon change. An Apache A would be closer to the KA-50.
  24. Very enjoyable book. Nice to read about the Apache flying against advanced missiles.
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