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  1. More powerful engines and lighter too. Transmission is the same mind.
  2. At the moment I find the standard G2 configuration very comfortable and will stick with it for now. My VR opticians lenses take up far to much room for me to even consider getting closer to improve FOV. I will not be going back to lens smear from my eye lashes like the G1. I love my nose gasket where it is.
  3. BS3 is important as it offers Redfor a far more capable machine whilst Bluefor gains the very capable Apache. It is about balance, and whilst the BS3 is not quite up to the Apaches capabilities it will offer a good stop gap until the next Russian advanced Heavy attack chopper. Us Chopper boys like some sort of equality in our sim. The Hind does not compute between these two technologically advanced weapons.
  4. Pave low please. Terrain following radar, air to air refuelling and just enough heavy lift capability. The Pave Low bad boy would tick all the boxes to make it desirable and distinctive in DCS.
  5. PD 1.0 is the only setting in VR. Syria is not for VR pilots right now..... but I have a feeling something is afoot with ED regarding the graphics engine in the next 2 months. Its a feeling I am getting in my waters.
  6. Gun tracking in VR is just natural, you turn your head, align the cross hair and pull the trigger, if compensation is required your head tracks in true 1:1 scale which makes it easy to walk the fire just a few meters.... very natural. In Track IR you have to mentally compute how the compensation curves (that allow you to look at your 6 whilst keeping your eyes on the monitor in front of you) relates to where your target is and then stiffen your neck to control head movement to the target that sits just on the point where the software curve increases view movement in relation to head move
  7. DCS won't let us down. I hope the Pits not too clean and I wonder what the weird Pilot Night Vision System will be like with only one eye. I bet it will be weird in VR! Cockpit lights on for the left eye so all instruments can be perfectly focused on and read, right eye immersed in night vision coming from the PNVS some 2 meters in front of you..... spooky wierd. It had better look like super cooled heavy weight night vision optics!!!
  8. After release.... I do wonder if a WAH-64 would be possible..... at cost of course!
  9. She is going to be sweet! Going to take allot of schooling to get the best out of this Heavy weight attack chopper.
  10. I think the Hind will come before the Apache. For sure the Apache is the money maker but the Hind has its own Digital Combat Simulator sub forum link... These only get put in place once a release is closer. Although having said that the Mosquito is in the DCS header image of this forum and it does not have its own WWII sub forum link..... HHrrrrnnnn... perhaps I need to rethink my argument. Hrrrnnnn double damn an Apache sub forum link is being created. Triple Damn there is now a mosquito forum.... DOH!
  11. +1 Hueyman Nicely said and if it is on par with the MI-8 it will be worth every penny..
  12. VR is the only thread I watch in DCS, windows or steam.... I watch it like a hawk. I think you now have a a 3090 Speed-of-heat, what frame improvement do you see? Also are you a jet guy, WWII guy or chopper guy? I think you are jet guy, What improvement would you say you see on the new aircraft carrier with deck hands? what do you see online? And how do you think that runs with the CPU blockage DCS offers. Would you say you see at least a 10 fps advantage before the CPU jams everything up? please do not quote free flight values, I
  13. Is this girl going to carry stingers? I would say those would put this weapon well and truly into the DCS engine like a block of concrete...... after 2002 of course. She was certainly cleared to use such a weapon. Whether she actually flew in real life with stingers is worth nothing as an argument in Peer to Peer combat that DCS offers as standard. do I smell the fragile arses of air superiority?
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