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  1. I think it would be great if gunner stations in any module was accessible to gamers owning « combined arms » module.
  2. Thank you Dimi and happy new year!
  3. The problem is that when we approach the LCU; far than 1nm we see the huge green object, and from 1nm to close view, we see the normal LCU. I removed the Lod 1 and 2 files, and now the LCU pops up at 1nm without been seen before. Not sure I'm clear...
  4. Hi Admiral! Me and my squad have been using your Mods for an amphibious mission last nignt, and we had a very good time. It works perfectly. Thank you so much for sharing! However, we had a problem with the LCU-1627' Lods: Maybe you could do something... Thank you again Sleipner
  5. Hi Eight Ball, I'd like very much the .psd file of your worn liverie if possible. Very nice work you're doing here! Cheer's (superbs liveries from Grajo also, by the way!)
  6. Correction: France is actualy in « summer » time = UTC+2 (Bravo time)
  7. Hi guys! Thank you so much Upuaut for those fantastics Mods! I just reinstalled the helipad mod wich is the one I was waiting for the most. (so fed up with those awful ED default FARPs!) I still can not rearm or refuel from an H or Y or invisible helipad (With or without logistic Vhl) Did I misunderstood something? It would be so great if we could refuel nearby a (transportable) fuel barrel or rearm nearby a (transportable) ammo crate! Cheer's Sleipner
  8. Sleipner

    Iranian F-14B

    Might be a question of culture...:doh::pilotfly:
  9. Sleipner

    Iranian F-14B

    WIP. Based on the default "adversary" Skin.
  10. It works perfectly here! Merci, Bad!
  11. I understand very much ED has to protect its job. I spent more than five hundred euros on modules and maps. But If I have to find an internet connection to play single player, i'll be obliged to stop. 13 modules and 2 maps for nothing... I hope it's a joke...
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