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  1. Is there a Helmet sun visor implemented or can one be implemented? When flying into to the sun which is low on the horizon it makes it hard to see especially the HUD. It would be nice with other aircraft as well. Just curious.
  2. Just started reading the Raven One book in preparation to play the campaign. So far so good! No spoilers please. Anyway just throwing that out there.
  3. So far I have been able to run missions from stable to OB. I think I have done the opposite as well. As long as it's not the Syrian map :smilewink:
  4. I admire the ones who cold start and that would normally be my choice but, due to my limited time available (Job, family and other commitments) I am forced (lack of better term) to AutoStart. I am glad there is options for both.
  5. Thanks for your reply. I have never been a big fan of FB my wife and made a choice about seven years ago not to do FB. I had talked with her about the situation and figured we could set one up just for logging in. But I completely agree with you by the time 2023 rolls around I will probably move to another headset. I failed to mention that I have a reverb but it has so much "ghosting" that it is hard to use. I will probably revert back to it when I get a new system. Which will probably be my first ever build...Yikes!! Again thanks for the info!
  6. Please indulge me for a minute and let me get this straight. I have a Rift CV1 and a Rift S and in two years I will not be able to use them, after dropping $400/ea? Is that correct? And secondly, I went to see about setting up a FB account and apparently I had created one years ago and now it has been disabled. I must have set it up for something else because I don't even know how to post on on FB! So now even if I wanted to or didn't mind using a FB to long in, I can't now. So are my days numbered with My Rift S because I will not be able to log in? Or can I create a new FB account just to
  7. Will do! Thanks for the encouragement!:thumbup:
  8. I am currently working on mission 8 of a possible 12-14 mission campaign. I have been thinking about posting it to user downloads. The problem is the emersion maybe lacking do to no voice overs. The storyline should be good and most of the missions will randomized where you can play them multiple times with different challenges and outcomes. It's currently a F/A18 campaign and takes place in the PG. Not super challenging but not a cake walk either. I may make it available for the F-14 also. Question is: Is it worth it (for a lack of a better term) to post it without voice overs? I am afra
  9. Yes running 2.5.6, I think I may have gotten past the stuck screen after a couple of reinstalls and DCS repair. AIRIO still isn't working great but I may need to work on the voice recognition part. I noticed I am having to repeat things twice in regular Vaicom and with AIRIO. I appreciate the help, will work on it when I get home today and will keep you posted. Thanks
  10. I am using VA 1.8.5 and Vaicom 2_5_20 and AIRIO 2_5_7. I am using stable and stand alone version and have my sliders set accordingly. My config screen is a least saving my settings after using run as admin. I am still stuck at 10 on the DCS load screen which I have followed the FAQ install and troubleshooting recommendations. Thanks
  11. About a week ago my AIRIO quit working tried troubleshooting it for several hours and no joy. I went and continued to use the other Vaicom features and just use the traditional Jester window. Today my Jester window quit working! I tried trouble shooting that as well and the only way I was able to get it to working was to uninstall VA/VAICOM. That solved my Jester window issue. Today I reinstalled VA/VAICOM but it will not save my settings in the configuration window and it will not show the module. I did try and delete the Export.lua file as suggested. I also get the stuck at 10 on DCS lo
  12. Cskelly


    I have the same problem. I can't get my AIRIO to work. It was working then stopped not sure what the culprit is. There is no response from Jester and in the profile the commands are "unrecognized". Have worked on it for hours.
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