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  1. Hi I have a version 1 of this device, number 221 and was wondering if the V2 was a free upgrade or a paid upgrade, and at what further price ? In addition I have replaced my Oculus S with a Reverb G2 so would need a different head mounted device too
  2. Yes Topcat I am in the UK so finger crossed
  3. Having got an email about the second shipping, I was dubious. However, I emailed Tomas yesterday asking for a shipping reference, and to my surprise he responded the next day with a shipping tracking number, so finger crossed we shall see, I ordered it on 5 August 2019
  4. Just got the same email and pic we shall see
  5. Its there then this damn 00000.013 STATUS: Connecting to update servers... 00000.384 INFO : Got reply from http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com 00000.694 INFO : Got reply from srv5update.digitalcombatsimulator.com 00000.695 STATUS: Verifying cached version info... 00000.887 STATUS: Preparing to install FA-18C ... 00001.083 ERROR: Unknown module FA-18C 00002.923 === Log closed.
  6. Hi any update on release of 1.6 ? I have the same issue as Casemonster in post #680 and can't get 1.5 to work Help
  7. Originally Posted by kharne I'm getting the same problem as a few posts prior: Data Export says DCS A10 is not found, and when I click enable it says "could not find a part of the path '\Config\Export\Export.back'. I have downloaded DCS World directly, not through Steam, and installed the A10 module. Is there something I'm missing? Sorry to rehash this old one but I am having problems with this exactly as above and no fixes seem to work. I have the game installed as above on my D: drive and cant get it to export data. I do note that my install of DCS does not have a created config\export folder nor does it have an export.lua file either. I added a folder and the file lua file uploaded by ClearDark but that didn't work. I am running it all as admin etc and version of DCS. Any suggestions helpful
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