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  1. and if not, I hope BS has a feature where you can pan to the exterior of your plane as you are shot down or dead. I don't like it how (in most servers anyway), upon getting killed you are taken to the map and unable to see who or what shot you and from where. The "RCVR" tab stands for recover right, and it's the only way to go right back to an online match, correct?
  2. interesting. is this a for-sale product, or would finding it technically be some kind of violation? i am interested in playing it, and can someone elaborate as to what it's about....
  3. Having made the mistake of friendly fire once so far in online play, I immediately sensed the importance of figuring out how to establish friend from foe using the F-15's avionics. I have read the manual and come away with the following suggestions as to how this is done and I also have some accompanying questions: 1. It can be done using the TEWS, but this can be unhelpful as oftentimes enemies are not designated with the signature diamond identifier, particularly because of ECM jammers. I recall seing not a diamond, but a strage semi-circle accompanying a possible target, but I'm not sure
  4. in order to get that to work after install, does one have to use LOMAN to make it work, or is it automatically in the game?
  5. so how do I uninstall the model without having to re-install Lock On? what are the instructions for completing the uninstall.
  6. so I first installed the AB/cone textures and then installed Walmi's mod, and it works well and the new ab looks great, but the problem is that the engines in my F-15 are now showing as being just a blotch of gray on the inside with no turbines or anything like that. is this normal, or should I reapply the ab/cone textures in order to get turbine textures back?
  7. YUP! YOU GUYS ROCK! now if i could please just get the start engine key sequence...i would've thought that "start engine" wouldve worked....
  8. please provide this, as the engine start and power up keys don't seem to be doing much for me. AS NOOB AS IT GETS!!!
  9. woops. my bad. this was the entire issue. i'm such an idiot n00b.
  10. How should I best apply the 1.12a patch so as to avoid being asked for a serial number? Perhaps I'm downloading the wrong patch here? It's the ENGWEB patch from ED. I don't think I should be downloading the gold one, but maybe so as it is not an online download; in fact that could be the problem I DO NOT know.
  11. I mean is there any solution to it asking for the 1.12a serial number? I guess my best option is to return the disc and get my money back and then just download it online. Does the online version screw up like this after you apply 1.12a?
  12. I never attempted to run the original LOMAC copy and have the CD verified via starforce. So I put the disc in and let it autorun for the original LOMAC version, I clicked "Play" and the starforce dialog box came up, confirmed the disc and asked for a restart. It then restarted, and I attempted to play with the LOMAC disc in. Then starforce comes up and requests the FC disc. I put that in and BINGO! It works to perfection. So then I run and install the 1.12a patch and SONOFABITCH! if it doesn't start asking for a serial number after that!!! What in the hell do I do now? It asks for a serial
  13. SONOFABITCH. tried the LOMAC cd and still no dice. reinstall it all?
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