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  1. I wouldn't worry too much - I went through the others and a lot of them are no longer around, or have gone elsewhere. Lack of admin on the wiki, I think. ;) Your name sounds very familiar :huh: from RL, I mean. Still, probably lots of those around - there are three of me in my county alone, and that's only the ones I know of.
  2. Would be nice if you would have this updated on the Eagle-wiki, so that people don't waste time on a wild goose-chase, trying to find out what's what. :smilewink: http://en.wiki.eagle.ru/wiki/Virtual_Squadrons_and_Regiments
  3. I appreciate that, Chris, it's just that people make these statements as though they are solid facts that apply to everyone, rather than saying it as you did. Just gets on my nerves now and then and someone had already said this before my post that I get it only in the Hawk - I found it insulting. Mind you, I do have to repeatedly remind myself that children are present on the internet, too.
  4. Nothing better than someone who can tell me what happens in my home - must have a crystal ball or a very powerful telescope. Feel the same, rajdary? So, listen up - I have all the modules except Fw-190D and Bf-109 and tested them when I posted and it only occurred when I was in the Hawk, okay? Stop calling me a liar/idiot/fool (otherwise what are you trying to say?) and learn some manners.
  5. Noj

    Beta Release date?

    Ah, you mean like the original FC? There was another one, too, but I forgot which game - another sim, i think. Basically Starforce said "we won't do an update for Win.x unless the devs or publisher asks us to, and they didn't exist anymore so it was "go see the padre and get a TS chit". Not very satisfactory at all. What is the most frustrating is that you see Starforce 'protected' software repeatedly on Google search results in places that fly the Jolly Roger, so it's not like it is The Real Deal or anything - just a PITA for honest folks like us ;)
  6. Yes, GTX760. As I mentioned - only happens with the Hawk on my pooter. Guess I'm lucky, then. :music_whistling:
  7. I've found this issue covered from over 2 years ago - but these modules were all purchased from the only account I've ever had, all with the same email address etc. Never mind, though, I'll just stay offline - being kept from flying far too much these days.
  8. Nope - only happens with the Hawk :( just caught it on a screenie - attached.
  9. When I log in, I get a message "Invalid serial number". I get logged in, but no servers are listed. I've not been online for over a year, so don't know when this may have started. Yet all is okay in offline mode and my module manager seems to show all is well. I have all modules except the Bf-109 and Fw-190 (including the Hawk).
  10. Great. I have an issue with the current version (not the beta) with the textures in front and to the sides of the cockpit flashing - looks like the runway and ground alternating, but might not be. I have a track, but of course, it may not show on other PCs. Anyway, my current version is - is that current or requiring a patch for the Hawk? Ah - forgot to check if the issue is present in other aircraft - I'll go and check that :)
  11. Will a new patch be required for each update of DCSW? Hope not - would be work upon work for you guys!
  12. Hi Roadrunner - that's good of you. I just sent you the code - it's up to you what you do with it, but I did also get entries via pm, and the first to guess at "Hornet" was someone else ;) (although I see he has edited his post to say it's the Sea variant - up to you, mate!) Thanks, guys - I just knew I wasn't going to fly it and why leave it sat unused on my hard drive?
  13. You got it, exactly! Well done! I'll pm you the code for the Fw-190D in amoment. This is a screenie of the FSX freeware model, by Rob Carrich. Another 3 are attached (seems starnge I can't post an actual image, but never mind). HERE's some more info and there's also a rare YouTube video of a 'standard' Hornet flight in Malaya: http://users.skynet.be/BAMRS/dh103/dh103.htm http://www.tangmere-museum.org.uk/aircraft-month/de-havilland-hornet http://robertjamesrichardson.co.uk/page4.html the video: Thanks to all who entered and lots of fun flying the Dora, Roadrunner :) Comiserations to the two guys who said "Hornet", but Roadrunner got the exact model and even the variant - so a worthy winner!
  14. I'm taking the mutt for a walk - when I get back, if no-one has guessed it, I'll post the front view. Good luck!
  15. Thanks for entering - no, not a Blenhiem. This version is the Royal Navy, carrier-borne one. It used two Merlins and was made of wood - just like the Mossie.
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