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  1. @AlpenwolfCould you check the track from last nights "Battle Over Sukhumi". I am not sure, but I believe Blue team had access to F-14s from the beginning, without destroying the ships.
  2. Played for around 4 to 5 hours on the "Battle Over Sukhumi" mission last night. Provided GCI, tried to organize our air, but to little success... overall, red had air dominance over Sukhumi, but we were holding on to the base with ground units. Me and a couple of other people such as Fab and Count (as well as other helicopter pilots, which were crucial for our survival), were able to hold off Red from capturing Sukhumi. We used ground assets to disrupt their attempts of capturing the base. There was one guy, who joined a CA slot and started moving everything around, witho
  3. Don't know about that... been playing "Battle Over Sukhumi. for couple of hours now (still ongoing as I am writing this)...and let me tell you it is a bloodbath over Sukhumi. There were planes flying over it non-stop, for hours... borderline quake. Couple of hours later most aircraft were destroyed, so few platforms were left.
  4. Heh, as someone who has hardware relatively close to the listed minimums, yet playing on almost maxed out settings, at 1080... I find this a little bit funny. Got a 3570K @4.5 Ghz with a 1070 and 16GBs of RAM. A newer CPU, would definitely help out .
  5. Look at this way ... Let's say, for the sake of an example... on your screen, your missile hits dead on, but on the server side, due to some connection issue or network code or whatever the reason is.... the missile explodes 50meters away. Now if your missile hits dead on, the explosion will cause its full damage, but if the missile explodes 50m away, it will only cause a fraction of its damage, enough to damage, but not destroy. Desynchronization... difference between what you see, what the server see, what the person you shoot sees and what actually happens. I want to underli
  6. No point, damage model is the same, if even more detailed for clients. You might wanna look into your connection. Or the angles you shoot at the, or you just were unlucky. Can the A-10 survive a shot... sure it happens, but it is not a rule. One of my last kills was with a 73 on an A-10 in MP and it was one shot. "Only a bomber or a transport plane can survive a R-73" is what this fella has said. Anyway, nothing more to discuss.
  7. Mission Editor option to disable this, if it gets implemented would be nice... or better yet, let it be carriable, but not shootable.
  8. Already know a couple of people who put "Yes" as a troll.
  9. If I remember correctly... there was a bug with set coordinates (might have been fixed), where when you type the coordinates and hit set, it would put a marker in the wrong place. Due to the simplistic nature of giving commands to the AI while in-game there are limitations. If you want to hit a specific target, with a specific weapon a specific amount of times, you are better off setting it up in the mission editor. Now, saying that... it does not mean that you cannot get partial success while in-game. Make sure the AI is setup with the correct role and weapons and when you give him
  10. The new A-10C (II). Because I was zoomed in and the most outboard left side missile was shot, which immediately starts turning left getting out of my POV. By the time the A-10 is hit, the motor is not burning anymore. Did 5 more runs, zoomed out so you can see the missile, still died with one hit. A-10R73.trk Here is a track chasing the A-10 in a turn, missile smoke visible, still one hit. Tried with an A-10A as well and when it is flying in a straight line, firing from its 6... still died first shot
  11. or it could have been chance + contact at extremely close range
  12. Doesn't mean that by maneuvering the chances of your rolling a good dice don't get bigger Aspect, background (sky/ground/water), heat source all effect IR missiles in DCS.... so there are coefficients to the dice
  13. Posting two short random clips without any context shows exactly nothing. No information on electronic environment, radar status (all working as intended). Real life radars on jets are not as bullet proof as the ones in DCS and can have issues at times.... There is a chance that at that moment, the radar saw something that it might interpret as jamming and that's why it lost lock or got bad range for a moment or that it didn't just spaz out. P.S Not saying that you should be getting hit by AMRAAMs, sitting on the ground from 40nm away. Kind of hilarious it does this, but it struggles to h
  14. Because it doesn't: https://streamable.com/71lf6q We got enough issues in DCS, no need to troll. Plenty of aircraft have survived missile hits in real life, due to some reason or another, especially the A-10. It has survived a SA-6 hit in real life. I am sure with the right circumstances, it can survive a hit Not to mention the damage that a non lethal hit could do.
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