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  1. Yeah, I don't have time to go through all the clicking involved to set up CMS programs that don't waste all my expendables with a single button press, every single time I fly. The Viper and Hornet are getting shelved until this is fixed.
  2. No mention of the new bullet impact effects. Was hoping those got in giving the Mossie's A2G role and the unrealistic water explosions caused by everything down to 9mm.
  3. I agree with graf on the Mustang. However learning how to fight with it is a neverending struggle as it does not like high AoA maneuvering, and 100% of fights with AI require high AoA maneuvering to get a shot unless they are distracted on another target or you catch them unaware with a boom n zoom.
  4. We don't have any two-engined piston planes with an RPM lever. The RPM lever should not be confused with the throttle.
  5. I assume takeoff and landing is done with flaps full open as well?
  6. I initially mistookthe radiator flaps for cowl flaps and had been using them like I do on the P-47, but now I know that they're linked with oil temp, I'm still confused on how to use them: 1. Open/closed appears to have no effect on my oil temp 2. Chuck's guide says oil temp min is 110, max 130; use radiator flaps between these temps 3. I've never seen temps above 80 even at full throttle, radiator flaps closed 4. Tick marks on the gauge imply min is 30 max is 110 5. The DCS manual corroborates Chuck's min/max oil temps, but includes green and red tick marks that do not exist in the game What is the actual normal oil temp range? When do I use the radiator flaps?
  7. Is there no way to copy-paste the correct line from the Dora's luas and stick them in the Anton?
  8. I see it in the A8 when in that bad-RPM range and the thing tries to shake itself to death.
  9. We used to have bort numbers without the leading zeroes at some point. Then it got borked.
  10. Right, because subtitles are immersive. Subtitles don't exist in real life. You would understand the language being spoken in real life. I turn subtitles off anyway because I'm too busy flying to read them anyway, plus they get in the way in external views, etc.
  11. Voiceovers should be set to the UI language anyway, not to the aircraft faction. Immersion doesn't work when you don't understand the language.
  12. 2.7 has made track reliability worse for some aircraft. It's also quite module/situation/mission dependent. The customers have been asking for fixes and improvements to the replay system since 2008, if not before considering LOMAC and FC2. The only "official" word I've ever seen from ED is that it's "low priority." After 13 years that's zero priority. I doubt it will ever be addressed until it gets so broken they can't make product trailers.
  13. I'm not using them. Skin creators are using them. God knows why they're giving us lua files with wrong code.
  14. Didn't help. Here's the description.lua. description.lua
  15. One of the affected liveries doesn't include the number textures at all and still has the same problem
  16. I tried setting the decal/bort number lines in the description.lua to "false" and they still appear.
  17. So by '44 they were taken off the anti-bomber role completely?
  18. The F-8 is supposed to be the ground attack role, though.
  19. I agree on the AI being part of the problem, but I also find the Anton to be a poor performer in general. I've tried applying boom and zoom against targets at high altitudes and at low altitudes, and the Anton doesn't like either. It obviously isn't a turn fighter, but with its atrocious climb performance it's not an energy fighter either. You get one boom to hit a target, then you have to zoom so far away to climb without getting shredded. You're a sitting duck with a climb speed of 300kph and maybe 10m/s climb if you're lucky. Usually I'm stuck at 5m/s climb. It's like it has massive drag in a climb at full throttle, yet when in the landing pattern it has zero drag and refuses to slow down unless you cut to idle. I can see this being deadly if you're skilled enough to land a lot of 20mm hits with the target still obscured by your nose, but until you get that good you're just taking pot shots at a target, then extending miles away to look for another target to hit in the same way.
  20. That's interesting. I thought it was often used for high altitude bomber intercept. It performs quite poorly down low for me, with high energy bleed, low acceleration, and poor climb performance. What role was it intended for?
  21. I can't find this mentioned in the DCS manual or Chuck's Guide, and it's radically different from the Jug, Mustang, and Spit where max manifold pressure is still achievable at high altitude. 8km in an unladen Fw190, supercharger kicked in at 3.3~3.5km as normal, prop pitch auto, throttle max, RPM 2700. But I'm only getting 1.21 or 1.22 ATA at max throttle. Even the AI Antons are outrunning me at the same altitude. It's almost like the hi blower stopped working at some point. Is this normal or am I missing something?
  22. The latest Chuck's Guide also labels it as the pitot heater, however it never illuminates even at 8000m with the heater circuit breaker depressed.
  23. After more takeoffs, my cleanest has been when I forgot to set takeoff flaps. Apparently a drop tank and flaps up works best for me. I'm sure it takes up more runway, but I have no need for STO capability anyway.
  24. Still having trouble against the A-20s. They're at 3000m I'm at 4000+. Put them in my quarter window to intercept, place target on the leading edge of my wing between the cannon and the cowling, dive down. I end up 70m his deep six and have a great shot, until his top turret shreds me while magically avoiding his own vert stab. I have slightly better success diving from the front quarter, but the shots are impossible to make. Any hits that land do minimal damage, but they do cause the aircraft to break formation, so that's a bit of a win. The next problem is getting back up to altitude to hit the next target. 600-700kph at the bottom of my dive. To get back up to 4000m the bombers are practically on their bomb run by then. If I try to gain altitude with urgency I end up in the rear quarter situation described above.
  25. I wish we had a controls indicator view on that takeoff. From another thread I understand the Mossie to have poor rudder authority at slow speed due to the lack of prop wash over the tail. This makes me wonder how we keep her straight on initial takeoff roll. In Sunstag's video I don't see any differential brake usage and I don't think he mentioned anything about leading one throttle ahead of the other either.
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