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  1. I recall one mission where I had gimbal roll close to 12 times. At least half of those resulted in the pod looking off into god knows where, with a few of them coming back on target. I tried the INR trick, but even in INR it had so many issues while doing APKWS runs at night I said eff it and poped parachute flares for visual gun runs. The only way I've been able to 100% avoid gimbal roll is to: 1. Never plan on using the pod or HUD diamond while driving straight at the target within 3nm (i.e. guns, APKWS) 2. When I see GIMBAL ROLL pop up on the TGP during a turn,
  2. Right, we'll just convert every Western aircraft from WW2 up through 2010 with metric gauges.
  3. This is game-breaking. The AI wingman refuses to taxi until the client has taken off, thus clogging up the taxi routes causing all AI assets to get stuck on taxi, thus causing a mission abort because assets can't get airborne to do their jobs. This is not a Supercarrier issue, nor a mod issue. This is a core DCS issue that affects all modules on all airbases.
  4. Wait....you mean left rudder for a Griffon spit takeoff, right? We need right rudder for all our current props. That said, it's not much more difficult than switching between the UH-1 and Mi-8. Same issue there, but isn't a big deal as long as you remember.
  5. I've got about 15 2~hour long missions in the A-10C-II so far and have never experienced this issue. What are the turbulence values in these missions? Some creators set an insanely high turbulence value which can cause issues on landing.
  6. I can't pull 3G in real life without getting lightheaded so my virtual pilot shouldn't be able to sustain much more than 2Gs, then. If you apply "the player has to do the math himself/herself" logic to any other aspect of the sim you will immediately see why the concept is flawed. If it's server-enforced then it isn't an option.
  7. It's certainly a bug. I'm still experiencing it on the latest Open Beta, but ED doesn't seem to care much.
  8. The payload page often shows the correct livery in the preview, but displays the top livery in the list on the drop-down menu. If you fly the mission without correcting the livery, it will load the erroneously selected livery in the drop-down instead of loading the livery displayed on the preview. It appears to happen more often with liveries from Saved Games.
  9. How is this a cheat? Real pilots can navigate with a compass, stopwatch, and dead-reckoning. Some of us can do that, some of us can't because, SURPRISE, we aren't real pilots. Removal of this feature is pure gatekeeping to weed out those who are less skilled or otherwise have difficulty with traditional navigation. Or should we also have a DCS setting whereby our virtual pilot's visual accuity matches that of the player's real-world visual accuity? Because having perfect uncorrected vision in the sim is a "cheat" for those of us with poor eyesight, if we extrapolate the same line
  10. Preferably, the only field that should appear at all in the comms menu is the one matching the frequency your radio is currently tuned to.
  11. I've been flying quite a few Liberation missions in the P-47 and have not seen any AI engine failures. I've seen one CFIT of AI during a dogfight that could have been attributed to an engine failure, but it's not definitive.
  12. I am yes. However I recently upgraded to a 12GB 3060 card and my performance issues went away.
  13. Exactly. ED has a history of being opaque and having contempt for the customer in the past. They went through a period, including now, where they claimed to be working on trasnparency. Admitting that sales of a module did not bring enough profit to warrant further development is transparency.
  14. Two variables could be coded whereby the AI checks: 1. Is the player damaged? Yes = not extending to reengage, bugging out, disengage. No = Press. 2. Is my wingman within x distance of me? Yes = Press. No = target fixation leaves me vulnerable, disengage. These are reasonable decisions a human pilot would make, and are reasonable binary checks that could be coded.
  15. Per newsletters and changelogs it was my understanding that the WW2 AI logic was reworked so that they wouldn't doggedly pursue aircraft that are bugging out. This appears not to be the case, at least when the AI is chasing a player or client. If a player/client gets hit, and bugs out, diving to the deck and screaming towards friendly fighters and AAA at 350mph, the enemy AI will stay on your 6 for 15 bloody miles and chase you down until you're dead if you have taken any damage at all. Even on Rookie, the lowest possible AI setting, with this behavior in combination with their ace
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