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  1. Well that makes things hard for gamers. Even with the three axes on the Warthog HOTAS one of them is the slider, and much too small to manipulate at the same time as the other axes.
  2. If you maintain a set RPM and MP, how will that ensure proper approach/landing speed?
  3. I'll have to check that one out. Greg's Planes and Automobiles series on the Jug was interesting, and there was also an eye-opening period "documentary" on Netflix titled "Thunderbolt," which followed pilots in the Italian AO as they bombed bridges and strafed transport.
  4. Nealius

    Enemy AI

    AI are broken all across the board, and have been for many years. Their radars detect you from 100~200nm out, they instantaneously react to missile launches as if they can read the code when you press the pickle button, they slide laterally in space before/after turns during normal flight causing mid-airs with players, and they have unlimited energy allowing them to go into vertical fights whenever you get on their tail. Supposedly the AI are being worked on, but it must be behind the scenes, because I have not seen any improvement since LOMAC Flaming Cliffs 2.
  5. Kind of odd it wasn't completed in the same timeline as the Ju-88, considering our Normandy map and the fact that the US infantry models exclusively portray 101st airborne.
  6. The Checklist in Chuck's Guide says to turn on the booster pump after engine start, and I know he gets his info from official documentation; though I don't know which specifically. I've noticed with the warbirds there is a whole lot of checklist confusion because the original WW2 documentation may omit things that are presumed to be foundational knowledge of the pilot from previous training, and then things get further confused with checklists for surviving airworthy warbirds that will have different procedures to baby the old airframes and/or because modern tweaking has been done
  7. I've had it across two computers, three harddrives, and six fresh installs.
  8. This one always confuses me. It's not quite possible to avoid these situations during takeoff and landing phases.
  9. "Correct as is." Does ED do all their research off of bad photographs? Have their artists been to an airport at night at all?
  10. Do you think this is a visual issue? The AI taxi prevents mission assets from getting off the deck and accomplishing their mission! That's core functionality, not visuals. You do realize that a Dynamic Campaign won't even work until AI issues like this are fixed? How will you run a campaign when the AI assets won't even get in the air? "Nothing but improve" is pure hyperbole. Yes we have had some improvements. SOME. While other issues like AI, multiplayer sync issues, the-constantly-breaking-radar-missile-guidance, and other core game issues have had zero improvement or gotten wors
  11. That's also interesting, because one of those (D25 I think) consistently has missing textures issues in the cockpit. Uncorrected after many years....
  12. That's exactly the problem. For the past 10 years we've been on a downward spiral of prioritizing what looks cool versus the actual gameplay we should be enjoying. Trying to dig deep into the gameplay and finding that DCS stands for "Digital Cockpit Simulator" after all these years is frustrating. And AI taxi does not work well at all. AI traffic jams, AI wingman refusing to taxi after the client in multiplayer, AI ignoring blocked catapults, AI parking well over foul lines while recoveries are still going on, Sixpack spawn if mission paused vs. Elevator spawn if not paused causin
  13. I also suspect the sim is exaggerating things for the reason that a lot of data is probably sourced from air-worthy survivors, which are undoubtedly pampered and coddled unlike a wartime machine would have been.
  14. Steerable tailwheel? That must be it then. I haven't flown the P-51 in years and back then it taxied much like the other warbirds, i.e. without a steerable tailwheel. I guess they finally implemented that or fixed the physics between now and the last time I flew it.
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