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  1. The [img] tags don't work and clicking "Other Media" --> "Insert image from URL" doesn't work either.
  2. I can confirm now. The crew got a reduction in polygons and a LOD implemented. They look awful in telephoto shots.
  3. That's it, the blend. If the puffs could blend together a bit more that would look awesome.
  4. It seems to look best in non-VR. In VR it looks a bit....odd.
  5. And therein lies the trap. Too many models with some offering open panels and such, plus too many paint schemes. Ironically enough, despite all the paint schemes available, kits only seem to come with VF-1, -2, and -84. "Basic b***h" Tomcat schemes that you see literally everywhere....
  6. Since STT/PDSTT breaks so much stuff, after commanding Jester to STT, how do we tell him to go back to AUTO so he doesn't start switching from TWS to RWS again?
  7. Suggestion for delayed flights: When the "don't delay player flights" option is enabled, the other flights in the player's package remain delayed, thus making the setting rather pointless. It would be great if the "don't delay player flights" also worked on flights in the player's package.
  8. Nealius

    model kits

    I've made good headway on building so far, but still not enough to catch up with the collecting side
  9. Much, much easier to use on desktop now.
  10. Nealius

    model kits

    I started collecting kits of aircraft I have in DCS, and that quickly snowballed into 40-something kits. Including 5 Tomcats. I need help.
  11. Oh man don't remind me of the 5 Tomcats in my model stash I'll need to build.
  12. Comms selection for "request launch" should be F8-->F7 so as to be compatible with VoiceAttack and the F-14. F7 was "request launch" prior to the helmet mount option, so now VoiceAttack users must have two separate voice commands for the same action across two aircraft, when the Hornet's helmet mount options selection could simply be moved to F8 instead of F7.
  13. I created a simple livery using the HB template, saved with mipmaps, used a modified desciption.lua from the VF-32 101 default livery. My livery works fine in close, but at distance (I presume LODs?) it changes to "missing texture" green. How do I fix this?
  14. He's pretty harsh on me in the Tomcat.
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