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  1. Now we have tons of western planes: f-16, f-18,Mirage etc. Why can't we have some Russian birds. If you are worried about having conflict with your Flaming Cliff vintage plane set, you can do something like mig-29k or su-35.
  2. u guys all missed the point here。p51 is slow in relative terms. When u have k4 and d9 rite next to it then yes. This goes back to the game balance issue. Cuz this so called simulation cannot simulate every aspect of the real life such as late war german pilot quality, fuel quality and quantity, maintenance, mechanical reliability so people r frustrated to realize there is essentially no allied planes can go head to head with these late war German puppies. If p51 feels slow, other planes p47, p38 will fair even worse. With planned me262, this tilted scale will become even more imbalanced. Thi
  3. There is no way u can simulate everything。In real world,naked eyes can spot an aircraft much farther away than any computer monitor can simulate。Pixels cannot scale very well。So zoom is necessary in this simulated world。Learn to use it。
  4. Hi my current rig has i5-4670k cpu, but GTX760 GPU. While I can play DCS fine, but often times it gets really slow and low FPS. Some friends told me that my GPU might be the culprit of my problem. I am thinking about upgrade my GPU to either GTX1070 or GTX1660. But I don't know if my current CPU would be compatible with either of these cards. Also I don't know too much about difference between GTX1070 and GTX1660. I just know one has 8gb video ram while the other has only 6gb. I know DCS is video memory hungry. Would 8gb necessarily be better in this case? Please let me know your thou
  5. wishful thinking。72” mustang aint gonna happen in DCS。
  6. Just wonder if anyone can reproduce P-47's superior zoom climb over spit9. I remember reading it in ace pilot Bob Johnson's book in which he claimed that he was able to repeatedly out-zoom a spit9 in a mock dogfight. But in sustain climb, spit9 was better.
  7. I saw an video saying that at high altitude, u need lower rpm to squeeze out some extra speed in the pony. Is that true? I always thought the highest speed is achieved with 3000rpm + highest mp.
  8. Very hard to see good p51 videos nowadays. I guess everyone is flying German now :D
  9. Yeah, the funny thing is if it's WWII then u will have missing data. If u r talking about modern jets then u will have classified data. We just can't do anything without every bit of data in place.
  10. Can we get p-38 after jug? Is that too much to ask?:)
  11. Good tip, let me try that. Btw, how do I get the carriers to remove landed aircraft faster? John C. Stennis currently has one working elevator, but the landed aircraft usually don't park there. They all concentrate to the stern of the ship. There was only one time, they park near the island where the working elevator is located.
  12. If I select 'Escort' then the fighters would just follow AWACs and ignore all the waypoints. But if I use 'CAP' and do the race-track, then the fighters would be drawn off by retreating enemy fighters and leave AWACs unprotected. The AI is so stubborn on chasing bandits, sometimes they would follow targets back to their bases and strafe them on the ground.
  13. Oh I see. Another mission building question. I put one 2-ship flight of f-18s to protect my AWACs, but the F-18's have hard time keeping station with E-2. They would fly up to E-2 then drop down low and climb back up like a yo-yo. In the process, AI's use a lot of AB and wasted a lot of fuel. Is there anyway to make F-18s stick to E-2's. Perhaps the E-2 is too slow for the fighters? I set it to run at 300kt TAS at 30k. I guess F-18s would stall at the speed and alt? Also, I can't have a mix bag flight such as a flight of 3, one AWACs + 2 fighters, correct? One flight has to be of the
  14. Thanks, your solutions worked pretty well. Just another questions. For those CAP fighters, they don't like to engage multiple targets in BVR fights. They always pick one target out of the formation, fire one AIM120 and then immediately notch to one side and wait. If the missile misses then they will turn around to fire another. Any way to have them fire at everybody in the formation rather than just one by one.
  15. I figured out why AI won't launch missiles. You need have at least 2 waypoints for the attack. Before, I only had 2 waypoints. The first one I have them form up in then the 2nd one anti-ship strike. Now I have 3 waypoints. 1st forming up and 2nd and 3rd are anti-ship strikes. Now they launch fine. However, I found another issue. If you have a 4-ship strike, the first 2-3 aircraft would fire but the last one would hold back. I think there is some kinda ammo rationing logics in the code. To get everybody fire, you need break 4-ship into 2X2-ship elements.
  16. That can't be right, though. The harpoons have a range of 150nmi, but ship SAMs only start launching around 60-50nmi. Should I have the fighters go sea-skimming? But if they launch low, all the missiles would just get ditched into water.
  17. I've got another issue now. I sent a flight of f-18's to attack an enemy fleet. Those fighters just won't fire off their harpoons. They just fly straight into enemy's sam range and dance back and forth with SAM's. Also, it seems that ships won't engage KH-31P (anti-radiation missile). I have 3 Ticonder. The missiles were flying very high. They just ignore them.
  18. @Exorcet. I tried your way. It worked fine. However here is another issue. My carrier is not static. As the carrier moves onto the next waypoint, the AWACs waypoints are now miles away behind. Just wonder if I can get the waypoints to shift with the ships?
  19. @admin. Sorry about posting at wrong place. Move this post if you can. Just getting back to the Exorcet. I tried group attack, it didn't work. The guns just won't fire.
  20. Not sure if this is the rite place to post any questions on mission building. But here they are: 1. How do I have AWACs loop through 4 waypoints until it is either out of fuel or damaged? Then it will return to carrier. 2. Same as above, but this time, I want fighters flying on CAP to loop around until they are out of fuel or weapons. 3. How do I order Ticonder cruisers to use their guns beyond 1km? I have a scenario where 2 cruisers are supposed to bombard a tank column near the shore. But the ships won't fire gun unless I put them within 1km away. The tanks could fire 5km awa
  21. Hi, I am trying to build some naval missions. However, I can't get Arleigh Burke to show up. I currently have DDG-91, 96 and USS Cole. All of them are just ghostly empty space. I used Arleigh Burke flight IIA mod, but that mod seems outdated and doesn't work any more. Does the vanilla DCS world have default Arleigh Burke to use?
  22. I would love we advance into the Pacific Ocean. F6F, F4U, A6M(zero)
  23. I am a little tired of Saitek product. It's causing USB 3.0 to crash. If I shut down USB 3.0, it will cause BSOD due to driver issues. Is there any better alternative that wouldn't have this USB 3.0 issue?
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