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  1. I bind a keyboard key press to a button position (example in bindings: position one entered => press key Keyboard to {LALT}1). This should send a {LALT}1 key combination to DCS - but IT DOESN'T! Nothing happens. I tried to send a single key, tried to change the type of button - nothing works. HELIOS DOES NOT SEND ANY KEY FROM THE KEYBOARD TO THE GAME. I'm using HELIOS 1.4 and the latest upgrade of DCS. Does anybody have any idea how to even approach this problem? THANKS!
  2. Recently I had to reinstall the DCS. I have 2 monitors. On the old installation I defined to display the MFDs (and more instruments) on my right monitor. Worked great!! My main monitor is 1920x1200. The second monitor is 1400x1050. Now - the strange thing happens: when I define in the DCS the resolution of 3320x1200 ([1920+1400]x1200) - the games crashes as soon as I try to run anything (Quick mission, for example). I had no such problem whatsoever on my old installation. Does anybody has any idea what's wrong?! I don't.... :dunno: :helpsmilie:
  3. MatzWarhog, I followed your suggestion, reinstalled the A-10 module - problem solved! Thanks a lot!!!
  4. Didn't use any mod, just tried different LUA files - and then returned to the original LUAs.
  5. Problem: both MFCDs don't display anything, as if they are not switched on (and they are). I don't know how and why this happens. I "messed" with multi-display configuration (tried to display MFCDs on additional screen with HELIOS) and then returned to the original one-display configuration (using the original LUA files). Since then the MFCDs display nothing! However, when I switch the cockpit view (with Alt-F1) to a full screen, both MFCDs are on the screen. Does somebody has any idea what's wrong? Tnx in advance.
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