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  1. Trojan detected in the patch files? Stable version update was interrupted by Windows Defender because Trojan was detected. These are the information from Defender: Detected: Trojan:Script/Foretype.A!ml Status: Quarantined Date: 12/25/2020 12:50 PM Details: This program is dangerous and executes commands from an attacker. Affected items: file: C:\Games\DCS World\_downloads\Sounds.edc\23\23dfd88b13390df2b334ffa114afdd77f7f6cb86ed0848e55dccdfed69619031.downloading.652958c8d81280a6 Could anybody explain wha
  2. If the two maps are merged together, would it take twice the time to load?
  3. On the screenshots and videos, the white cliffs looks a bit too white and clean to me. On the real life picture and Google Earth you can see there are lots of vegetation growing on the cliffs. I hope the developers could add this to the map.
  4. I'm playing the stable version. The S-boot is still invisible.
  5. This is what Fw 190 look like on my computer now. There was no problem before.
  6. In the latest update ( Change Log, there's this "Fw 190 D-9. Improvements to the German and English manual" Anyone knows what exactly has been improved?
  7. I know that, what I mean is that is there going to be a bundle that much cheaper than buying each plane separately when it's on sale.
  8. Thank you for replying guys. I just don't know whether I should pre-purchase the Bf109 K or wait to see what's happening to the DCS WWII project.
  9. I probably missed something here, so please bear with me. Are all the flyable planes in this project going to be purchased separately, like the Bf109 K? If so, what's going to be in the DCS WII, just a map and some non-playable vehicles?
  10. I think exactly the same. I have been playing other flight simulator games for years but I found that DCS P-51 is extremely difficult to take-off. I forgot how many times I ended up in a fireball beside the runway shortly after I released the parking break and pushed the throttle (I swear I pushed it very gently), so I wonder during WWII how many newbie pilots and instructors lost their life on their first day training on the P-51.
  11. :lol: You really have good eyes Fox One.
  12. Yes you are right. That's because that "wing" actually is in 2 pieces. The one in the left picture had it's lower piece missing. I quickly got through the books I have, and found it's pretty common in the photos from war time. I think they were either broken or removed by the ground crews. I guess all of us here will eventually become Fw190 experts.:)
  13. Check out the length of the landing gear in these war time photographs Looks like the DCS model is close but lack of some details. I guess the D-9 in the museum is not at it's original condition.
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