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  1. Yea, and ED would be bankrupt, not to mention the third-party developers. They actively encourage people to buy early access products. SC is a bit painful to have, more than a year has passed, and it feels like a completely abandoned module. Yea, I know there is a "lot" of stuff coming, but it's not enough, I mean, we don't have apoximate dates or anything. All of this makes it very hard to believe this module would be even finished one day and not being abandoned half way, is just frustrating
  2. It definetly didn´t BTW, I´m able to launch with other aircrafts moving on deck, the issue is that I have to approach the cat two or three times at least before the crew noticing my plane. It´s very annoying.
  3. Yep, it happens to me since the 2.7 update, I need to taxi to the cat and turn around several times for the launch crew to notice me.
  4. Yes, you can set the altitude of the clouds as a whole.
  5. No, you didn´t. There are no comms available when taking off from the carrier. I mean in DCS, don´t know about real life
  6. That´s completely true, when you land on the Hornet, all you leave behind is black skidmarks literaly every single time you apply the brakes. Any speed below 120knots aprox, in every configuration, all the times. It is also true that from the cockpit you dont even notice, but from exterior views, its kinda anoying.
  7. Looks like the LITENING, ATFLIR pod is way smaller
  8. Problems come when you are so specific about launch dates, even if you make clear it's an estimate. It creates a lot of spectation, you kown.
  9. They will come, but it looks like its not a priority at all. Dunno, a dedicated person can make a pretty good 3d model in two weeks or so, it´s no that hard, at least compared to coding and all that stuff
  10. There are plans to update the whole 3D model in fact, along with the SH-60B. Also the Bear, Tu-160 and many more wich have very poor models form the Lock On times. Better textures improve the actual model, but not by much. Hopefully, we don´t have to wait very long for the new ones
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