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  1. Was ich merkwürdig finde: ich sehe in den Logs nicht, dass ein Joystick oder Ruderpedale erkannt worden wäre. Nur Maus, Tastatur, etc. Was benutzt du da und kannst du bestätigen, dass das Gerät funktioniert (anderes Game, Windows Control Panel)? Ansonsten scheint irgendwie der Grafikkartentreiber zu crashen. Sind die Treiber aktuell - oder hast du die Treiber vielleicht gerade erst aktualisiert?
  2. CTRL+Z, CTRL+Z, CTRL+Z ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. I think, you mixed up who posted what? At least I can not see any snarkyness in bkthunder's posting ... And as to why let the aircraft acellerate beyond it's envelope: to demonstrate this bug. It's like "Gosh, this is really fast for a Harrier. Should this even be physically possible? Let's see where we end up with!"
  4. A lot of mods under "Saved Games" also produce many errors. I would try it without them.
  5. Thanks, I haven't seen that. So it is "as intended", but I still think, it should not be that way. Call it a feature request then, but sitting at the end of the runway with enabled parking brake makes no sense, imo.
  6. When the mission is set to "starting from runway", the parking brake is enabled when the aircraft is spawend. Should not be enabled - I doubt, that enabling the parking brake is considered SOP after lining up on the runway.
  7. Thanks for your reply. But the main reason for my question was that I am worried that my interpretations were correct, specifically in regards to the differentiation between "As intended" and "No bug". Unfortunately you now seem to have confirmed my worries. To summarize: [AS INTENDED] means, the feature works as Razbam want it to work and does not plan to change it's behaviour. It does not mean, that the feature necessarily works as in the real aircraft. Different reasons for this could be: technical limitations, (lack of) available documentation, and probably man
  8. What does it do if i tag someone by prefixing his nickname, i.e. @Flagrum? My assuption is, the person gets a notification that he was mentioned in a posting? Well, let's see ... edit: No, does not notify me - at least not for self-tagging. Could someone else please tag me here to check? Ty!
  9. tagging@RAZBAM_ELMO - could you please chime in? Thanks.
  10. A very broadly used feature here was to use links to other postings to point the reader to similar topics, related content, etc. Help requests were linked to already posted answers, bug reports to already found solutions, and so on. These links were just the respective URL of a posting, copy and pasted into the editor, of the form https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=nnnn ALL these links were not converted during the forum migration, as it seems! They are now all dead links! A massive amount of information is now lost. I hope this can still be correct
  11. Wayback machine only works, if the old posting is old enough and was already indexed by Wayback machine before the forum changed. I.e. how do I get to https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=3552954 ? If an automatic redirection is not possible, maybe we can get some sort of tool (accessible directly from the 404 error page?) that generates a clickable link when a old topic or posting number is entered?
  12. You can either enter an direkt link to a graphics file directly in the posting, or via the "Other Media" function (imgur "direct link", i.e. hxxps://i.imgur.com/KGTIcao.jpg ):
  13. As the notice on top of the forums says, the old forum content is currently converted. Many threads are already fixed and the formatting is ok again. Your thread probably will be processed later. This processing of the old forum content is probably also the reason, why we can't edit old postings (for newly created, it does work). Editing is probably disabled so that nobody interferes with the ongoing converting process.
  14. Nice! Embedding YT Vids now works without any special handling - just copy&paste the complete link into the editor!
  15. I can't edit my old postings made prior to the forum engine update. But maybe I can edit at least newly created ones? edit: yes, I can!
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