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  1. Starting here. For reasons unknown, mods locked the most recent uMFCD thread.
  2. Not in a million years. Nice try, but you're going to have to start from scratch. :)
  3. You're perhaps referring to "the codes" that inspired UltraMFCD to begin with. There were clearly plans on ED's part to implement something approaching that which uMFCD provides.... back in 2008. That code path died, yet remained within DCS for any curious person to discover. Unfortunately I'm no longer going to pay particular attention to UltraMFCD nor DCS or the furtherment of the former. To position this within some form of understandable perspective, I've been programming since my childhood. However, it wasn't until the mid 2000s that I learned the art of server-grade programming.
  4. After all this time, Eagle Dynamics et al could have rendered uMFCD immediately obsolete with a small twist of the wrist. It is time they do precisely that. ED should implement uMFCD functionality natively.
  5. CORRECTION: Screw it. Somebody else can start from scratch. So long and thanks for none of the fish :). I've had six years of this bullcrap and not a moment more.
  6. For absolute clarification: UltraMFCD 3.0, which supports DCS 2.5, is essentially in the bag bar a few non-gamebreaking glitches - i.e. there's the occasional GPU frame or two every few minutes at worst or never at best (in terms of GPU FPS - so two frames of 60FPS every few minutes) where it momentarily glitches out. However, given circumstances globally, there are various people and businesses whom have, perhaps foolishly, come to rely on my talents in order to see their own businesses through the consequences of SARS-CoV-2. As such I cannot de-support those people/businesses, to a le
  7. The quick lowdown: UltraMFCD 3.0 exists and works. Currently concentrating on pulling quagmire businesses out of the mud. How not to butt heads with forum mods again.
  8. The point is that after paying £££ it is somehow expected that bug reports be backed by "tracks and video" - the sort of thing that would be produced by a normal in-house QA team.
  9. DCS tracks are non-deterministic - that is to say that every time you replay a track, DCS rolls different dice. Asking again and again for the person whom paid £££ for software to bother themselves with recording a track is, in this instance, going to get you nowhere.
  10. While we're here, and speaking in terms of professional software development, "could not reproduce" is absolutely, in no uncertain terms, NOT synonymous with "bug doesn't exist". I don't know about you lot, but my professional decorum is based entirely on finding and fixing the most evasive and elusive of bugs. Not for a second would I even consider telling the client that their bug report was somehow imaginary. And if my software can pull imagery directly out of DCS's rendering engine, that should grant you an insight in to the "level" of software engineering at which I operate. A lev
  11. And you should all be aware that a DCS Track is non-deterministic. You'll run the same track multiple times and get a different outcome every time.
  12. Wow, do I have disappointment for you.
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