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  1. @BIGNEWY Were you able to get an update? As of today this bug is still present.
  2. Happened again just now with the Huey's air ambulance mission on touchdown at the FARP. Not even a crash report this time.
  3. I've been getting multiple CTDs on DCS 2.5.4 recently. My game tends to lock up seemingly random, sometimes it happens when I get shot, land or just fly straight and level. This is a new PC so game is very fresh, SRS is installed but my issues appear on both single and multiplayer. I haven't got a clue where to start looking. Sometimes my game is good for a day, the other it just works for a little bit and CTDs. Any suggestions on where I could begin to look? dcs.log-20190106-182652.zip dcs.log-20190108-213721.zip dcs.log-20190111-160537.zip
  4. Manual will likely get updated after EA. You can reference the NATOPS for the checklists.
  5. I spend a lot of time trying to figure this out. The FLAPS light does not come on when you power down the jet. One thing I did notice consistently is that the FCES caution comes on. I wonder if that's an error in the NATOPS? The FLAPS light hasn't come on for me on any of my shutdowns so far.
  6. The A-10C does have GPS however. I don't see why GPS wouldn't be implemented in the hornet, especially considering the amount of extra detail to simulation the hornet has compared to the hog.
  7. Just double checked this to be sure. This bug can be reproduced on both single- and multiplayer.
  8. Did you turn it on? It's difficult to tell what's the cause of the issue if you don't provide a track file.
  9. I'm unable to replay the track file right now. How long are you waiting between cycling the battery off and on? You should wait a couple of seconds to make sure the system is completely de-energized. Take your router as an example. Instructions often tell you to wait at least 10 seconds between turning the power off and back on again.
  10. What exactly do you mean by "FLAPs override", the gain override switch? Flaps are always set half (or full) on landing.
  11. If anything I'd love to have some sort of randomization to selected switches to actually warrant doing an interior check.
  12. If the canopy switch is clicked and immediately released the canopy closing sound will play a full cycle even though the canopy isn't closed. If the switch is held for a bit longer the closing sound is interrupted properly.
  13. I also noticed that the APU can still be started when the APU accumulator is depleted. I'm not a hornet expert but as far as I can tell from the manual there is no hydraulic pressure to start the APU if that accumulator is depleted (hence the handpump to charge it).
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