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  1. Is it possible to define more than one spawn point for a FARP mod? I haven't found any examples that anyone has done, so I could take a peek at their LUA code. Or does something have to be defined in the EDM model itself? The only multi-spot FARP I know of is the original ED 4-spot FARP, but as far as I know all the code for that is inaccessible. I know you can just spawn a flight on the ground at the FARP, but I'd like to be able to do the parking or ramp start on the FARP in specific parking spots.
  2. Rudel's proposed solution is pictured below, which I think is the same as what you are saying. Although, it does seem to me that this an example of the ANDs being evaluated before the OR, rather than a strict top to bottom evaluation. I don't know if that holds true in general. Maybe we need the ability to add parentheses in the Condition field to force the evaluation order we want. Thank you all for your help!
  3. Thank you, I will do that. So I guess the general rule when a trigger has multiple conditions is that all of the (implied) AND’s get processed first, then the OR’s.
  4. In what order would the trigger conditions shown below be processed? From what I'm seeing in my mission it seems that the second and third statements are being AND'ed first, and then the results of that are being OR'ed with the first statement. I intended for the OR condition to be evaluated first. Is there a way to do that?
  5. Yeah it worked great! I do wish the guy giving the commands would give better commands to coax you into position, but I guess that's up to ED to implement. At least now he gives poor guidance in a more realistic voice.
  6. I just installed this. I like it a LOT better than the original voice. Good job!
  7. Mine arrived yesterday. It works great! It's built (and packaged) like a Russian tank. Thanks K-51! Here's my final tracking info just to give those still on the list some idea. I got on the waiting list October 30. On December 16, K-51 told me it was ready and I paid. He shipped it the next day. (I'm in the US.)
  8. Hi, your link isn't right. I think it should be this: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3314503/ I'm looking forward to trying it!
  9. That did it! Thank you very much freebirddz. And now that I've lured you in... If I could ask a couple follow-up questions. I notice in that same area of Blender, there's a place to put in a normal map file and a specular map file. And I do see in the watchtower texture files there's a watchtower_normal.tga. But since the object exported fine without that specifying that normal file, I assume it's not necessary? And also, looking back through some of the object files I've downloaded, a few don't appear to have a diffuse map file included. Are they not alway
  10. Hi Grajo, As a first step in trying to figure out modelling/Blender/edm files/etc, I've tried importing some free simple static OBJ files from Turbosquid.com into Blender. Then I just try to go through the steps listed in the EMD Exporter README to set the object up to be exported to an edm file (make sure it has an armature, RenderNode, quaternions, etc). These are things that I don't claim to really understand yet, I just go through the steps. I've been using your excellent Static Objects Example files and mission to quickly see the final product in the game. I can no
  11. This post looks like it would be very useful for someone (like me) trying to figure out how to get a static object into the game. Unfortunately, the image attachments in the original post are broken, which makes it much less useful. Would it be possible to fix the attachments?
  12. It may be there a bit longer. I got on the waiting list October 30. On December 16, K-51 told me it was ready and I paid. He shipped it the next day. Here's the tracking on mine so far. It's still in Moscow, but it finally showed some new activity yesterday after going silent for three weeks. So don't give up hope! (This is for shipment to USA.)
  13. If you're running the script with a MISSION START trigger, trying changing that to a ONCE trigger with say a TIME MORE(5) condition. Also, in this statement: local groupId = Group.getByName(tbl[i]):getID you may need a set of parentheses at the end, like so: local groupId = Group.getByName(tbl[i]):getID()
  14. Someone mentioned it earlier, but I really wish the ME had some sort of Undo feature, even just a simple one that would undo the most recent action.
  15. I think you would have to use the 'addCommandForGroup' function to be able to know which group triggered the menu item. There isn't any equivalent 'addCommandForClient' function, so the only I know to identify the particular client is to put each client aircraft in it's own group, and use addCommandForGroup. That way if you identify the group, you've effectively narrowed it down to one client.
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