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  1. Hello people! I'm using steam version of DCS world( But steam won't update the game to new version. I googled it and find some information about this but all the videos i found is about the updating none steam version of the game and they said it won't work for steam version.I tried to verify game files to triggering auto-update but it didn't work. Can anyone help me about this? Maybe patch is not in the steam yet because its in open beta state?
  2. Dynamic Campaign Offer to ED. If you guys add Dynamic Campaign to the game, im willing to pay 50-100$ for it. And If any modder/s can do dynamic campaign mod im willling to donate 50 - 100$. Cmon Ed.. This game is amazing.. You can do it :(
  3. Thank you for answers guys, much appreciated. Lominadse.
  4. Hello all, first sorry for my bad english :( Im about to buy A-10c Warthog (From steam), but i have little problem :( I want to play A-10 with dynamic campaign. Is that means first i need to buy A-10 than download DCS World whc it says 1.9 mb ? Can any one help me with install order ? I mean do i need only A-10 or i need to buy all other DCS games too for download DCS world for play dynamic campaign? If i buy A-10 from steam, can i install DCS world ? Again sorry for my horrible english :( Lominadse.
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