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  1. "DCS: Jesus" That's just gold. On a side note the picks look great, can't wait.
  2. Not my footage credit is in the bottom corner of the video, enjoy guys some nice stuff in here. MiG-29OVT by Mikhail Belyaev training and display at MAKS 2013 on sunny days. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=0cd_1394612330
  3. Ok i feel i have made some ground with this it's defiantly working however requires more tweaking. The left and right eye's had to be swapped for it to work on a 3DTV in side by side mode the default setting was cross eyed and not separating the image but its in the ball park and need some adjustments for it to be as tight as it can get but it bloody close. Here is what i have so far, if anyone wants to try this just back up you're stereo lua and replace with this, but please make sure you're original is safe to put back if you don't want or like this. Replace with you're own settings
  4. OK many thanks, I will look into it.
  5. Er..... Did i ask something taboo or does nobody know what the hell I'm on about lol. Thanks again.
  6. I may be barking up the wrong tree here, Can this be used on 3DTV in side by side mode. I'm using a Sony Bravia 3DTV as a monitor through HDMI. (1920x1080 at 16:9) I have enabled the stereo in options through DCS monitor settings then enable side by side on the monitor, It kind of works but the view ports and angles are way off, so i did some editing in the stereo.lua and got it better or closer to what i'd expect to see but it's still not right. Is it just for the rift option or am i waisting my time guys trying to get this working. I used to use active shutter glasses in my CRT days with
  7. I didn't want to start an argument guys if the pic offends i shall remove it.
  8. Sure to each his own that's what i say, It's 1920x1080. I will post the original without blurring for you.
  9. Just the one from me for now. DCS F18C by Darren Dawson, on Flickr
  10. lol Frostie you made me proper chuckle. How are ya mate long time no see...
  11. I was taken out by my own Mi-24 friendly who was spraying trucks with his canon, i made the mistake of drifting in front of him in the Ka 50 and my pilot was killed outright with probably just a hole in the canopy where my head was, Ricochet do hurt. Lesson Learnt.
  12. Sorry these won't embed. Shooting took place at the shooting range Ashuluk. Anti-aircraft missile systems S-300 hit the target, simulating missiles and enemy aircraft. These maneuvers completed a course of training for military air defense forces for the protection of the air borders of the country. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=538_1366875264
  13. *SOLVED* For some reason Black shark 2 was not finding the default Sim axis assigns, after manually pointing it to them they now pick up and work correctly.
  14. Hello guys Well this is new to me, i had a search round but i cant figure this out maybe someone else has heard of it. As title says, no axis assignment option for "collective" in the KA50 Sim, And for some reason there is Su 25T assign's in there :ermm: Screen by Darren Dawson, on Flickr Had to reinstall DCS (all modules) on a fresh install of windows that's all that's running, Win7 64 bit and my DCS stuff. If anyone can help that would be great.
  15. Hi guys, Another thing to add to the list more of a quick check really, I have a problem with all DCS titles regarding the right ALT key (Or Angry ALT as i call it, Alt Grrr!) it does not recognize in DCS but works in windows and every other title i own, So what ever is mapped to it i have to change. If you're Angry Alt is like mine, when you try to save the new view you may be hitting problems with the key not responding, Just for reference i'm using a Logitech G19. Hope it helps somebody.
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